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Xi3 Corp To Launch ChromiumPC Running On Chrome OS

by arupchou on May 20, 2011

Google while developing Chrome OS had said that the OS is being targeted towards notebooks and laptops. But Xi3 Corporation has ChromiumPCannounced a ChromiumPC modular computer, which is the first desktop computer in the world fabricated to run Google’s Chrome Operating system. The computer was first revealed by Xi3 Corp in 2009 and teh device is a version of Xi3’s Modular Computer. What makes Xi3 modular computers different is the fact that it is very easy to change and even upgrade parts of Xi3’s modular computers.

Market Ready To Accept Desktops With Chrome OS

Meanwhile Jason A Sullivan, CEO and president of Xi3 Corp said that the market is now ready to accept a desktop computer equipped with a cloud based OS like Chrome. He further added that user can also switch Xi3’s Chromium modular PC to a different OS.

Xi3’s Chromium PC has an aluminum body which has three interconnected boards (processor, primary I/O module and secondary I/O module) and will be powered by a single or dual core 64 bit, x86 based processor. The desktop will also be available several colors during the second half of 2011. It will be interesting to note the response ChromiumPC modular gets in market amidst notebooks manufactured by vendors like Samsung and Acer.

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