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  1. Context menu for editable items
  2. Extracting search terms / keywords
  3. black lab screensaver
  4. shell scripting forums
  5. create kiosk mode through extension code
  6. NPN_Evaluate return false
  7. How add object to window.
  8. Get selected text from active tab to popup.html
  9. Sometimes, content scripts aren't loaded (Gmail)
  10. Scoping issue
  11. Ask for username/password at startup, change bookmarks according to combination?
  12. How do I get the URL of the current tab? (popup extension)
  13. create tabs in a new window
  14. Pdf downloading extension
  15. Is there someone here that can help me?
  16. Looking for a Chrome Plugin Developer
  17. Pass data from background to tab script.
  18. open always till I click it again
  19. Get HTML code from external web
  20. Help with frames
  21. dealing with the omnibox
  22. Image download plugin
  23. 'chrome.extension.onRequest.addListener(function()' don`t run other functions
  24. Opening window (not new tab, not new browser window) from plugin
  25. Using php
  26. can i use c++ with as back-end with chrome browser plugin development ?
  27. Wish there's an extension for Chrome for keyboard customization
  28. NPAPI plugin with src attribute of Mixed-Replace content (multipart/x-mixed-replace)
  29. Possible to read from a file ?
  30. Extension downgrade/upgrade/install/uninstall
  31. Extension that informs user of image URL when clicking the image.
  32. google chrome extensions if popup windows close then no off music
  33. chrome.tabs.executeScript failed? Chrome won't run content script
  34. Plugin failed to load error
  35. Real Sockets
  36. TextRange from iframe with no src
  37. append html elements to DOM by background script
  38. Is there a way to get Chrome to prompt for plugin install?
  39. Help With My First Chrom Extension
  40. need to test for options not set and change default popup.html to options.html
  41. Get source code from tab
  42. who can help me!!
  43. who can help me!!
  44. Selling Chrome Developer Account with One Time Registration Fee Paid
  45. Disguising Iframe Use
  46. Displaying Results in Main Webpage after extension call
  47. Is possible plugin download image?
  48. Permission to add plugin to web store
  49. Clip Selection & highlight text
  50. ToolBar like interface
  51. Windowless NPAPI plugin
  52. Visual tool to create Google Chrome extensions
  53. Great idea for Chrome Scrapbook extension - Need opinion, advice etc
  54. send string from plugin to application
  55. Manipulating textarea contents with a function
  56. A simpel lookup-extension
  57. Options ready/onload not firing
  58. Save Images for Chrome
  59. Gmail style scrollbar issues
  60. Redirector -- A URL redirecting extension
  61. Check Page Text
  62. background.js doesn't take the new values from localStorage
  63. Deprecated PPAPI scripting plugins
  64. The following plug-in has crashed
  65. Browser start & page load
  66. Scanning website for updates
  67. Development Help: Omnibox Event Listener
  68. any yahoo weather extension for chrome???
  69. Access chrome download settings from chrome extension
  70. How to start with developing plugins?
  71. Problems injecting jQuery code with $(window).load or $(document).ready
  72. Installation problem
  73. [IDEA] Play/Stop YouTube button directly on tabs.
  74. "Refused to execute inline event handler"
  75. How to add adsense ad ?
  76. Extension for website page analysis
  77. [PROBLEM] Replacing a div on a site with new content
  78. Chrome plugin for Syphon on Mac OS X?
  79. Form AutoSave
  80. Magnifying glass
  81. Other - Google Chrome extension load page in background and wait
  82. The best ever bookmark extension
  83. Help with Dual View plugin code
  84. PPAPI Plugin Develeopment
  85. Pluginbar?
  86. chrome extension help popup with load
  87. Looking for plugin development for few projects
  88. How to store received request in content script from bg.js in an array for resue ?
  89. [New extension] Shorten by Text United
  90. [New Extension] Shorten by Text United- Summarize any text
  91. Extension changing New Tab order.