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  1. Integrate Chrome Bookmarks with Google Bookmarks
  2. Making plug ins
  3. Adapting NPAPI plugin for chrome
  4. blocksite addon?
  5. Can content_strips and toolstripts interact?
  6. Help compiling a crx...
  7. Help! Why doesn't this work?
  8. A couple of questions about the plugin functionality
  9. Where to start.......
  10. Access inner html of page of active tab
  11. PwdHash Extension?
  12. Get the reference of active window
  13. Proof of Concept: Saving extenion's options via cookie
  14. Packaging - New Method
  15. Tree-view Object Browser extension
  16. Viewing contents of a Background page?
  17. Request: Hotmail Checker
  18. Request: Full Incognito mode
  19. Extension idea: Colored tabs
  20. Extension idea: Wand for Chrome
  21. abilty to set password to your history.
  22. proxy mode for chrome (like indigo mode)
  23. Zoom
  24. Communication
  25. Breaking API changes coming for next release
  26. Google Chat Bookmarklet
  27. Greasemonkey for Chrome?
  28. Download Streaming MP3's from sites like listen77
  29. Is there a Flash Blocker plugin?
  30. Simple toolbar creation
  31. Similar Flashgot plugins for Chrome??
  32. [ASK] Chrome plugin non html base
  33. Package not being installed
  34. Toolstrips limited to toolbar area?
  35. [Tutorial] Chrome IP
  36. Hot to disable address bar?
  37. The way to Mole
  38. Event when x element is loaded
  39. Adblock feature on its way ?
  40. Weird extension install warnings
  41. Page Action development problems :x
  42. Updates?
  43. Chrome content scripts
  44. IDEA: Fetching Weather from Google
  45. Toolstrips like Content Scripts???
  46. Zoom?
  47. [pre-alpha] Yahoo Mail Notifier Extension
  48. Problems with callback execution order
  49. How do you display version inside manifest
  50. email link
  51. Write plugin without installing google chrome developer version
  52. Need Ad Blocking Extension!
  53. Auto refresh for Chrome
  54. Extensions
  55. settings for toolstrip
  56. Open chrome:downloads window /w button click.
  57. chrome://extensions/ for Chromium
  58. for Developers of extensions
  59. An actually complete and well document API reference. O.o
  60. chrome now has local storage and databases
  61. Download Youtube videos directly as an MP3
  62. Need collaboration with an extremely ambitious project
  63. plugin advice needed
  64. Extensions (almost) ready
  65. Toolstrip help
  66. Beginner Javascript Problem
  67. StumbleNow PreAlpha
  68. Custom Search in ToolStrip
  69. I need help with some memory leaks
  70. Context Search And Search Engine Drop-down Box
  71. Sample extensions and themes won't install
  72. Debugging Background Pages
  73. Comparison of speed for some string functions in Chrome
  74. Link In Tool Strip Not Working
  75. Reloading toolstrip
  76. Extensions, What do I need to know?
  77. Toolstrip discontinued
  78. Problems with iframes
  79. Bookmark
  80. Adsweep, ADBlock++
  81. New tab extension - need help!
  82. Extension options - Now possible ?
  83. Idears/requests wanted
  84. localStorage on uninstall ?
  85. Looking for address bar plugin.
  86. Access to search engines info
  87. Adding item to context menu on right-click on link
  88. chrome.tabs.create problem
  89. Cannot submit correctly form within a browser action?
  90. Favicons in an extension
  91. NPAPI plugin in Chrome
  92. Opening page in frame
  93. Auto Updating Chrome Plugin
  94. Access to DOM(Document Object Model)
  95. Determining minimum version?
  96. Extension Suggestion
  97. img extension: How do I handle zoom?
  98. Webmail Notifier [REQ]
  99. Popup size
  100. Extension update
  101. Document Accessing From another tab
  102. Create a tab and then delete it imediately
  103. To access iframe contentwindow
  104. Copy to clipboard
  105. Altering Tab Width ( reducing tab size to site-icon width )
  107. Stuck with content script...
  108. [Ext Reqd] Extensions version checker
  109. Content Script Issues
  110. Access the "find" box
  111. How to invoke function in chrome extensions
  112. Help:restarting Chrome deletes extension's files.
  113. How would I port this as a chrome extension?
  114. How to make a theme extension
  115. How to debug content script?
  116. Extensions Developers
  117. Turning a bookmarklet into an extension?
  118. [Ext Required]
  119. [Urgent!] Is Firefox Extension supported by Chrome?
  120. Is Google Chrome supporting XPCOM?
  121. Has anybody succeeded in loading a NPAPI plugin?
  122. Can Chrome extension write log-files?
  123. Could Invoke function of NPAPI return multiple outputs?
  124. hotlinking issue
  125. creating new tab and writing to it
  126. could chrome extension be installed from command line or background?
  127. Epson printers
  128. Plugin/feature proposal: Grouped Tabbing, that could turn Chrome into a research tool
  129. Help: Plugin for Bluetooth using BlueZ on Linux
  130. Source Code Pull
  131. Help with message passing please
  132. Is there a way to save files?
  133. Google Chrome Extension to capture whole web page as image
  134. New tab when the extension closes?
  135. Chrome Extension function
  136. popup window event
  137. [NewLib] bliplib
  138. content script help
  139. Storing global values / creating a "Settings" system
  140. Manifest Syntax Highlighting
  141. Suppressing right-click context menu
  142. checkbox and If statement
  143. What kind of access do you think you're missing?
  144. Please Convert Scribefire Firefox Plugin into Chrome Plugin
  145. Get url before url loaded...
  146. Exclude in Manifest. Help needed.
  147. localStorage wrapper
  148. Page Manipulation Help
  149. Ask for a tutorial of chrome plugin (not extension) development
  150. Help needed
  151. Differentiate popup event..
  152. Question about NPAPI plugin installation
  153. Messaging inside background page
  154. AdBlock Application
  155. Modal and modeless Dialogs?
  156. geolocation
  157. Chrome Extension autoreload
  158. Multiple popup.html's
  159. Snapshot number
  160. about:version
  161. Syntax highlighters
  162. anybody help me
  163. help me
  164. please help me
  165. Console.log returns value, alert of same response is blank???
  166. Retrieving Webpage/Traffic Information
  167. Save webpage
  168. Console.log returns value, alert of same response is blank???
  169. MultiMedia WebRecord
  170. How to call "external" javascript functions?
  171. How can i export and share an extension i have installed?
  172. Need Stop Audio plugin!!!
  173. Dynamic plugin removal
  174. Dynamic plugin removal
  175. Hay I have a couple of things I would like to ask
  176. Help!Chrome Extension link to another file!
  177. Disable script images...
  178. Focus address bar or content
  179. Using the DOM Tree to get page size
  180. reading arg
  181. Chrome Scrollbars
  182. need help to return cross domain info
  183. Re: Get the content document of a page
  184. Allow users to upload image into extension directory?
  185. allow extension to save image?
  186. Reliably grabbing Omnibox URL of current tab after tab switch
  187. Chrome Extensions Localization
  188. Accessing browser events
  189. Refreshing background.html? localStorage issue
  190. npruntime & addEventListener
  191. new in plugins: cannot start my first plugin
  192. experimental.popup
  193. Need help for programming a toolbar
  194. The Coding Bug Tutorials
  195. ppapi and mimetypes in linux
  196. NPAPI + Win7 == EpicFail - crash
  197. Looking to create an Extension for Chrome
  198. Editing Word Documents from Chrome
  199. Greasemonkey-like Extension for Chrome
  200. How to make extension popup sticky
  201. View Page Source as string
  202. Need Help With A Bookmarklet (That Shows Thumbs)
  203. GMail + Chrome Extension -- Can this be done?
  204. Is this possible, where to start?
  205. "Simple" start ... I am confused
  206. Size limit for content script?
  207. Looking for Developer
  208. Context menus for file:/// urls
  209. Install NPAPI plugin in Chrome
  210. Chrome Plugin Developer Needed
  211. Chrome not picking up extension changes
  212. Register extensions via windows registry
  213. How to stop loading page
  214. Googles going to charge a developers fee....
  215. NSAPI Plugin installation
  216. How to check a tab is "pinned"
  217. Getting the nsIDOMWindow in NPAPI plugin for chrome
  218. New to Chrome, quick getElementById question
  219. Error "This request exceeds available quota" when using bookmark API
  220. Yet another bookmarks plugin
  221. local storage key and value disappear when page refresh
  222. Start exe Files?
  223. parent and child context menu o selection?
  224. request multiple variables/localstorage values from content scripts
  225. Send clicked hyperlink via POST
  226. Fetch external JS and use it
  227. XmlHttpRequest - open XML, editand save
  228. hello all, i'm begginer and have question
  229. How to retrive tab.id.
  230. having problems developing my first extension..
  231. Plugin request: PageFader
  232. Registering a ActiveX DLL packed in extension
  233. Problens with extenssion when a page link is clicked.
  234. dom changing
  235. No refreashing
  236. get reference to the document object from background.html
  237. Transparent Background
  238. Javascript OO - can't define a class properly
  239. help a newbie
  240. Edit Current URL
  241. Most useless plugins
  242. CAOpenGLLayer not being displayed on launch
  243. Mac OS plugin development
  244. content_scripts - One Script Per Page
  245. Dynamic History - Plugin Development
  246. Extension Opener
  247. Track extension metrics
  248. Chrome Extension Yellow Bar
  249. My extension extension library
  250. problem with callback function in popup.html