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  1. [New Ext] Website Reporter - Quick website info (pagerank, comments)
  2. Oop!Chrome window's minimum width is not small enough!
  3. How to maintain all the plug-ins in another chrome?
  4. Problem with "Right-to-Left Language chrome and extensions
  5. [New Ext] SitezMeter - compare website traffic
  6. Make Free Download Manager Default Downloader
  7. Minimizing igoogle page
  8. Ad blocking extension worth testing
  9. It is annoying to access https webpage
  10. Is "Chrome backup" tool can backup plugins?
  11. Websocket Communication Problem
  12. imagezoom , text links like firefox
  13. Toolbar??? Extensions???
  14. still no download manager extension?
  15. Help with Dual View
  16. Is there an extension to block Youtube ads?
  17. Thunderbird?
  18. Hm, best Adblock on Chrome?
  19. Personalized Web Extension Problem
  20. Block youtube except when embedded
  21. SeoQuake 0.4.2 for Google Chrome has been released. We need your feedback!
  22. [New Ext] AdBlock -- Most popular ad blocker for Chrome
  23. .crx download problem
  24. is there a session timeout status timer
  25. Developer Mode under the Extensions Tab
  26. [New Ext] HoN News & Updates
  27. DivX Plugin for Chrome?
  28. Extensions need a lift
  29. [New Ext] Carapass Auction Watcher
  30. Toolbar bottom line?
  31. Single button to close current tab
  32. Google gears keeps crashing
  33. [Ext] BugMeNot Lite
  34. The Launch of Minimalist Gmail (Version 0.3)
  35. Wanted: Dashboard (vis a vis New Tab)
  36. Extension to show any url
  37. [New Ext] Big Back Button - Navigate Quicker!
  38. Which kind of plugin is this
  39. [EXT] Search Center - Now with context menu support!
  40. Yslow for Chrome?
  41. [New Ext] ICQ-uin Visibility Checker
  42. [New Ext] Flash Video Download - direct video download (YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.)
  43. SeoQuake 0.7.7 for Google Chrome has been released. We need your feedback!
  44. Facebook Rounder
  45. Josorek's Speed Dial extension
  46. Web Edit (Extension)
  47. [Ext] Lightshot (Screenshot tool)
  48. [Ext] OneFile
  49. extension: Google Map with Local Search
  50. Addonsbook.com
  51. Faviconizing Tabs?
  52. I'm semi-back....
  53. New Extension - Groupon Deals
  54. Tab Wrangler extension
  55. Run plugin in sandbox
  56. how to start external applications?
  57. about:click&clean,exit chrome after start new app again
  58. FTP Plugin
  59. [New Ext] Chrome-o-Tile
  60. [New Ext] Glow | Google Logo Over-Writer
  61. inspector not showing up
  62. Close tab if nothing to go back to? Anything like that?
  63. Adblock+ "Block Images" feature
  64. oGet [Download manager helper]
  65. accessing localStorage from content script?
  66. [New Ext] My Google Analytics
  67. "Auto-aim" for inaccurate web navigation
  68. Save tab sessions similar to FireFox
  69. Break out search engine settings to copy to another PC?
  70. Web Proxy or HTTP Debugger for chrome
  71. Tampermonkey
  72. [New Ext] Groolu: the Social Coupon Guru - Social Coupon Agregator
  73. really simple question!
  74. Anyone knows how to open a file using javascript
  75. Multi Webmail Notifier Extension?
  76. Help with crazy simple options page
  77. Splitter by YeoWorks
  78. Household Budgeting Tool
  79. delete foxit plugin
  80. Searching Extension: Upload images to free imagehoster
  81. Something Similar to IE Tab?
  82. sth like fastest firefox add-on
  83. [New Ext] View Source With
  84. ext...for multiplayer online games
  85. Extension Updater?
  86. The Chrome Information Bar
  87. Adding custom attributes to tab
  88. Extension to save position on webpage
  89. web developer
  90. New Ext: Kongregate Chat
  91. Attention Plugin Developers (You'll Love this)
  92. Firebug for chrome
  93. Download Status Bar and Download Helper
  94. Installing a plugin for all users?
  95. Plugin to change the country ID
  96. plugins should be like extensions to manage
  97. Attention ALL Plugins Lover - Check this thread out for Proof of Concept
  98. making gmail default for mailto in IE or any other application
  99. Many extension NOT FOUND ON THIS SERVER
  100. Ctrl + B Script
  101. Extensions Cookies API available in Dev 6.0.472.0
  102. Extensions Context Menus API available in Dev 6.0.472.0
  103. About IEtab
  104. installing a crx file from the command line
  105. How to attach chrome with my plugin process ?
  106. Help- Missing Plug-in
  107. Fake auth plugin
  108. Need a media downloader extension
  109. Google plugin directory in 64bit Windows 7
  110. javascript handling binary data
  111. how to view other author's chrome extension code
  112. Launch another application...
  113. Multiple images opened in tabs, how to save them?
  114. Extensions for visibility
  115. [New Ext] History Trends
  116. Continual Shockwave crash
  117. [New Ext]: NotScripts for Google Chrome
  118. How to save and restore multiple input value
  119. [EXT] Reload Image
  120. Tabby - The Tab Transferer
  121. Chrome plugin for right clicking text
  122. Os shell
  123. More Search, a feature in chrome you must have
  124. [New Ext] TabCloud - Save/Restore windows across computers.
  125. Change the order of right click link menu
  126. highlight and copy to clipboard
  127. How to know when popup.html loses focus ?
  128. Alexo toolbar in URL
  129. Asset Tracking Software is All You Need
  130. IP address & KB size of website
  131. Looking for firefox like tab preview
  132. Click & Clean
  133. bind a click to an added element?
  134. Tab mouseover previews - can Chrome do this? Is there an extension out there?
  135. Autofill Plugin for Chrome; similar to one available in google toolbar
  136. NEW A3 Designs RELEASE ... UltimateShippingTracker/Extension ... Extensions
  137. This Doesn't Make Sense!
  138. Shockwave crash
  139. CopyAllUrls like in FF
  140. Help a chrome newbie out...
  141. Crashing
  142. flashget plugin for chrome
  143. any chrome plugins similar to video download helper for FF?
  144. create a popup
  145. EZNotes (similar to Scrapbook for Firefox)
  146. Want to fully switch from Firefox but have a couple questions
  147. Is there a plugin for chrome like ClickToFlash
  148. Can smooth gestures do this???
  149. Plug-in not working in Chrome 6
  150. PowerMedia Plugins
  151. Capture streaming video extension?
  152. translate full document, not just part
  153. "Nuke Anything" for Chromium?
  154. Themes Gallery by toxic
  155. Chrome with Logmein plugin not trapping Alt-tab key
  156. SeoQuake for Coogle Chrome
  157. plug in responsible
  158. Extension Developer Wanted
  159. Snippets
  160. [New Ext] Quick Markup: Screenshot Capture & Mind Mapping for Google Chrome
  161. [New Ext] ReadableTwitter - Preview links on #NewTwitter
  162. having a problem developing my first extension..
  163. [New Ext] Chrome IE Tab Multi
  164. Tab Bars and Session Manager add-on.
  165. [New Ext] Autofill - automatic form filler
  166. Forcing Full Screen Videos
  167. Adblock?
  168. Printer Dialog
  169. Offline bookmarks choice ?
  170. Auto Fill
  171. How to copy selected text to Bookmark title
  172. New Plugin - Fair Price - view prices on eBay and Amazon in a fair way
  173. Looking for an extension (maybe it's not possible)...
  174. adthwart + flashblock
  175. The following plug-in has crashed : Google Gears
  176. Try This! - Declutter the Web
  177. [New Ext] Scrapbook for SingleFile
  178. Filter downloads
  179. what happened to Flavio Bayer's Youtube Downloader?
  180. Google Chrome sandboxes Flash for more secure browsing
  181. Extension Request [If Possible]
  182. "clip to dashboard"-plugin like in safari?
  183. Apply extensions before loading web page?
  184. anything to emulate FF's address bar search feature?
  185. retrieve chrome window from minimizing
  186. 'retitler' and 'IdentFavIcon' for chrome
  187. [App] .::ArcadeOK::. Free Online Games
  188. Request for: "Open tab(s) in other browser" extension
  189. Estensione per eliminare siti duplicati nei preferiti di Crome
  190. Chrome Tabs on Bottom Row
  191. Looking for Plugins: Safari Style locked bookmark folders, and for text replacement
  192. How do I disable the embedded audio player?
  193. Undo closed tabs
  194. unexpected illegal token
  195. Selling a plugin - how can I protect my code?
  196. Can I install extensions to Chrome stand-alone apps? (e.g. Gmail)
  197. Identify these extensions...
  198. Are you a developer? Need some quick help!
  199. Looking for a media player control toolbar/plugin
  200. My Now Playing Plugin
  201. Pin Bookmarks to a sidebar?
  202. [New ext] IMflixDB for Netflix -- IMDb ratings etc on Netflix pages
  203. Sub-tab plugin idea
  204. Google on top of the social networking industry.
  205. social
  206. [New Ext] Brown: Browsing Nirvana
  207. How do I do this on Chrome?
  208. Windows Media Player Plug-in for Google Chrome
  209. Chrome toolbar
  210. CopyLinks or SOMETHING Similar for Chrome?
  211. A to-do list in your toolbar: Stay Useful
  212. [New] "Comment Save" - Save comments in real-time around the web
  213. JNEXT in Canary-Build?
  214. The original "Adblock Plus" finally available for Chrome!
  215. Extension upload problem ... is it just me?
  216. Hi
  217. DivX Web Player SOLVED
  218. [New Ext] Notifications on your bookmarks bar
  219. Dictionary plugin
  220. Video Download Helper on Chrome
  221. svg plugin yes or no??
  222. Quick iTunes for Chrome. Search in the iTunes Store with instant results.
  223. Screen capture like firefox screengrab extension
  224. new plugin from Microsoft ?????
  225. Wikipedia Plus
  226. Google Toolbar? Not available for Chrome?
  227. Working mouse gestures extension ?
  228. [New Ext] Amazon Deals! - A great way to save money
  229. Running JavaScript in Chrome
  230. Handling link clicks
  231. Trouble with Adobe Flashpoint
  232. Chrome won't include plugin mime type in about:plugins
  233. New website for Chrome Extensions Developers !!
  234. Missing flash plug in, doesn't help to reinstall
  235. New Cool Chrome Extensions
  236. silent auto printing in chrome
  237. flightaware extension?
  238. Adblock Plus
  239. need flash player plugin
  240. Google Ad blocker
  241. news extension display multiple categorized feeds
  242. Too many tabs? Mouseless tab navigation
  243. Any editor plugin?
  244. Is there a Chrome Plugin for Page Rank yet
  245. realplayer help
  246. I dont know what else to do........
  247. Keyword density tool
  248. embedded objects
  249. [New Ext] Simple Get
  250. notscript extension ????