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  1. the google chrome plugin for shockwave flash keeps crashing
  2. [New Ext] PreGBox : Watch Videos in Google search !
  3. How do I install gecko-mediaplayer into Chromium 10.06?
  4. Document Signing Plugin / Extension
  5. [New Ext] Mp3 Songs Search Engine - Search and Downloads
  6. Notification Bar
  7. Is there an extension (NOT a script) for downloading flv videos
  8. Chrome Plugin to dowload movies from youtube not working?
  9. Bookmarklets for Google Chrome
  10. Chrome Plugin Browser Detection
  11. Trouble Code while starting Google Chrome and using "Click&Clean"-Extension
  12. Is there an extension for incognito downloads?
  13. the point of click&clean if no one click clean?
  14. "Additional Plugins required...": DivX Web Player - ?!?
  15. images displaying with expanded pixels
  16. Remove "exit fullscreen" drop down warning
  17. Qtbrowserplugin fails in chrome
  18. Access VMware View Virtual Desktops from Chrome Browser with Ericom's HTML5 Client
  19. Alphabetical bookmarks
  20. Extension Like TabMix Plus
  21. How to get "Scroll with the Mouse" works with chrome > 8.0
  22. Just downloaded a extension SessionSaver
  23. Idea for Extension: A Better World Meeting Planner
  24. Where do I start for learning to write extensions?
  25. Chrome Extension Notifier
  26. [New Ext] Magic Actions for YouTube™
  27. Downloading pics from all tabs
  28. orbit downloader for chrome
  29. [New Ext] SerendApp - Experience Serendipity !
  30. Googlr Toolbar need
  31. Our Firefox plugin is crashing under chrome how to proceed ?
  32. [ NEW EXT ] Split Screen: Browse 2 sites side-by-side in one tab!
  33. Saving Bookmark Node Info To a Global Array
  34. Chrome Extension Porting
  35. There's still no keyboard customization extension for Chrome :(
  36. Total Newb Extensions Question
  37. Plugins Search : Invert Click Methode
  38. Plug-in to change the proxy
  39. Google Toolbar Bookmarks
  40. Chrome extension uploading problem:missing name value or invalid
  41. Text Formatting - remember/auto fill
  42. Auto Copy of Selected URL into clipboard
  43. Launching Chrome 12 incognito + with voice search enabled on Mac OS X
  44. Extension to see all files loaded into cache by a certain page?
  45. Google Plus bar color changer!
  46. javascript arguments are not being passed correctly to NPAPI plugin function
  47. [New Ext] efTwo Advanced Find on Page (highlight + find all form of words)
  48. GEO+ Tool for finding and explore places on the map
  49. Add to Gnote Ext: Google Notebook For Chrome
  50. Adapting Simple Window Saver
  51. chrome user but pc imbicil
  52. Chrome PDF reader --or Nitro PDF reader
  53. Slinky G+
  54. [New Ext] ImageGimp - Pulls images out of websites and has fusker style commands
  55. How to get active tab in chrome browser
  56. How to select text on a web page and create a url to send to a friend
  57. append same html elements to DOM by background script
  58. How to access DOM of popup window in Chrome script?
  59. No Flasplayer
  60. [New Ext] CloudShopper - a New Shopping Companion
  61. playing avi movies offline on chrome book
  62. [New Ext] YouTube Styler - Change color YouTube pages
  63. Request for Chrome plugin !
  64. Chrome plugin with Proxy Tool functionality
  65. Auto Updating Chrome Plugin
  66. Is there any content spinner plug-in ?
  67. Guys is there any plugin to check the keyword density ???
  68. speed dial for google voice extension?
  69. hey, a question about monetizing my chrome extension
  70. [Sloved] Chrome Multiple Tab Close Warning box
  71. Get History and Post It
  72. Flash doesn't update in Mint 9 64 bit
  73. Plugin to add a new toolbar?
  74. WebRequest api troubles with parameters
  75. Automatically save images from various tabs, and close them after saving
  76. Problem playing streaming radio
  77. Can't go to bank
  78. [New Ext] DefinePlug - Find meanings of words
  79. embed and load npapi plugin from content script
  80. Overriding file handling for certain sites
  81. Customizable tab switcher?
  82. josorek@gmail.com not updated SpeedDial, IE Tab for 1.5 years
  83. Problem with plug in notifications.
  84. Plugin to block websites during certain hours?(ex. 14:00-14:45, 15:00-15:45....)
  85. Customize Chrome Error Pages
  86. Whats The Best Chrome Download Manager Extension?
  87. Find plugins ultimate chrome flag ?
  88. Need chrome extension that organizes downloads by folder please
  89. Print an email together with its attachment in one print command - How to ?
  90. Problem viewing videos from other sites.
  91. Two-finger scrolling in Google Maps
  92. google chrome can't play video from youtube only....
  93. [New Extension] Context - extension that puts other extensions into context
  94. Additional Plugin Required...
  95. I've Tried SEO SERP0.14.4 its really great!
  96. "My weekly browsing schedule"
  97. plugin to open url, when clicked plugin button
  98. Scheduling websites to launch
  99. Editing Crx File need help please
  100. Allow Plug-ins
  101. Quick Search Plugin
  102. forward data from plugin
  103. Tab Color change--PLEASE HELP ME
  104. Just a small question.
  105. The following plugin is unresponsive. Would you like to stop it
  106. Extension Bar
  107. how describe and call dunction from NPAPI-plugin?
  108. Is there a way to create a link 'Download File', with a Chrome extension?
  109. save plugins settings/parameters once for ever !
  110. NPAPI SetProperty(NPIdentifier name, const NPVariant *value); value always null
  111. [New Ext.] Instant Translate
  112. A plugin like download helper FF for Google Chrome
  113. Save to desktop
  114. Add functionality to a website.
  115. Here is a great eBay extension!
  116. Old smooth scroll extension
  117. video streaming (rtp) problems with Chrome (Linux)
  118. Tab-Handling in Chrome
  119. Bookmarks to favorites folder
  120. Localized DNS?
  121. Youtube Comment Remover
  122. An extension for checking the quality of a video in Youtube
  123. Which kind of movies you like to watch with your friends?
  124. Your most favorite wwe star?
  125. Which one is your most favorite song?
  126. Close tabs with right click
  127. Highlight of new content after page refresh - plugin
  128. How many movies you watched last week?
  129. Disable BBCode in this post Disable BBCode in this post
  130. Watch Tv shows online Here
  131. Download finished signal
  132. Your most favorite place in the world?
  133. Ask before opening a new tab
  134. unhide text?
  135. access hotmail with google
  136. Addon Like Public Fox
  137. Close open tabs
  138. Allow access to file URLs automatically on external extension installation
  139. chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest.removeListener
  140. Allowing "data:*" URLs in manifest.json
  141. Post Office for Chrome
  142. Extension to reload/refresh automatically after a period of time(In case internet...)
  143. Extension im making, need help adding to desktop.
  144. Browser start & page load
  145. Extension with NaCl code
  146. Where can one get up-to-date information on PepperFlash
  147. Passing page data via Chrome Extension
  148. Google voice extension that makes phone numbers clickable to call and text
  149. Opera search like plugin
  150. I'm an IE user and...
  151. Looking for a gesture extension that lets me use the middle wheel
  152. how to stop web browser redirects to download url when clicking?
  153. Evernote Web Clipper
  154. Google Translate
  155. Gmail Offline
  156. Adblock Plus (Beta)
  157. Google Calendar
  158. Speed Dial
  159. Speed Dial
  160. Bejeweled
  161. Google Dictionary (by Google)
  162. Hover Zoom
  163. Copy data from html page then google it
  164. Bookmarklet to "Save page as" -- simple as that
  165. ESPN Cricinfo Extensions
  166. Smart QrCode Generator
  167. Bookmarks menu 3.4.7
  168. Error executeScript BeforeNavigate
  169. How can I redirect a user from visiting Facebook to visiting another website?
  170. No uninstall link on 3 Videace extensions
  171. SendLink - 1.0.1 not available?
  172. Auto-Portal concept.
  173. Request: Image Blocker
  174. VideoStack - Collect your videos.
  175. How I can programatically get the chrome extension ID from a crx file?
  176. Chrome plugin disableing some javascript functions
  177. Using authenticated credentials from website
  178. Looking for Side-By-Side Tabs
  179. [New Ext] archify - capture everything, find anything
  180. Method of chrome object for set Chrome as default browser
  181. This plugin does not seem to work either!
  182. All Kaspersky extensions disabled
  183. Colorful Tabs
  184. Unauthorize origin exception while creating a chrome extension
  185. My Extension: DailyGoldBox for amazon deal of the day and lightning deals
  186. Little Chrome Plugin ?
  187. Locating Certain Ext
  188. Any plugin to disable setTimeout or setInterval?
  189. Is it possible to change address bar behavior with an addon?
  190. Search for pattern on Webpage and Save content in variable
  191. "Custom Google™ Background" extension not working (shows corruption message)?
  192. Does anybody here use Tab Menu? have Tab Menu CRX file?
  193. Will buy chrome extensions
  194. [New Ext] Pugmarks – Stay delightfully informed
  195. Any plugin to auto refresh chrome with specific minutes?
  196. Multiple alert messages pop up while page loads as a result of onDOMContentLoaded eve
  197. A menu slide out from the side on hover. Possible?
  198. Shop With Video 1.3.0
  199. I am NEW in this FORUM:How can I use a dot .crx FILE normally I can login with gmail
  200. Plugin fill a textbox in a form
  201. My extensions vanish when I run CCleaner
  202. [New Ext] Musicality - View and Control Music Playback
  203. [New Ext] Deeper History - Personal Recall Engine
  204. Could not create download directory
  205. Imacros time
  206. Chrome extensions monetization
  207. Using file open box in Chrome extension
  208. Plugin to block disturbing images based on block statistics (like AdBlock)?
  209. Facebook Messenger Extension
  210. Disable pop-up message about out of date plugin
  211. one click - torrent easier
  212. Load page, inject after chrome extension?
  213. HELP!! about chrome store
  214. Please help me, netflix and silverligth
  215. can somone fix something for me
  216. Monetize extensions
  217. asynchronous load of extension
  218. New McAfee extension? Is it legit?
  219. [New Ext] Overlay Blocker - Close any overlay on websited even if X button is hidden
  220. [New Ext] crxMouse Chrome Gestures - Boost browsing productivity with mouse gestures
  221. Cloud Bookmark Chrome Extension !!!!
  222. is there a plugin that can use multiple proxies at the same time per window?
  223. [New Extension] Differently Imported for DI.fm
  224. Disable : Chrome - This site uses a plugin (Silverlight) that will soon be unsupporte
  225. No full screen in Chrome only?
  226. Noob Extension Question
  227. [New Ext] - Google When? - adds a timeline to visited links in google search results
  228. How to convert image from json data in CONTENT SCRIPT?
  229. small screen in chrome help
  230. chrome serial send trouble
  231. How to download flash player portfolio? What extension will work?
  232. Chrome Extension Search- Display Element Inline Attributes on Hover
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