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This is a discussion on Autoopen within the Bugs and Vulnerabilities section, part of the Google Chrome category: Originally Posted by devilslackey Since you are using Chromium I am unable to help you resolve your issue. Chromium is ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilslackey View Post
    Since you are using Chromium I am unable to help you resolve your issue. Chromium is re-built and released so often that it's near impossible to ensure full functionality all the time.
    Figuring I had nothing to lose but time, I experimented with an installation of Chromium 3.0.192 but first backed up the entire Default folder of Google Chrome

    Chromium installed separately from Google Chrome and my first test was to see if the Animated Gif problem in Google Chrome 3.0.190 existed in Chromium. It did not. Animated gifs worked. Also now working in Chromium was my bank's online banking software. Google Chrome in recent Dev versions was apparently having problems with JavaScripts in the bank software. Chromium was not.

    So does this give me hope that perhaps the next version of Google Chrome will have solved the same problems?

    Still having nothing to lose, I copied the entire Default folder from Google Chrome into the Chromium folder, first deleting the folder of that name from Chromium. A quick look shows that bookmarks, cookies, etc. are working.

    And getting back to the subject of this thread, no, AutoOpen does not work in Chromium 3.0.192 as it does in Google Chrome

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    Just want to mention it works in latest dev release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilslackey View Post
    It auto-opens my torrent files just fine. What file-types are you having a problem with?You can edit what Chrome opens individually if you open up the "Preferences" file (located in User Data/Default) and scroll down to
    "download": {
    You will then see a list of file-types set to auto-open next to "extensions_to_open":. They will be in quotes and separated by a colon.You can manually add-in whatever file-types you want (or remove ones you don't) but even if you add a protected extension (exe for example) it still won't auto-open.
    Yes, old thread, don't resurrect, but I think that's better than making a new one. Anyway I'm having this issue, but I don't want it to auto-open uTorrent. Furthermore, it's not showing I'm downloading the torrent file anymore nor is it showing up on my downloads list, auto-launching u, and not even showing the contents of the file in question. I've gone through and cleared the 'clear auto-opening options' and I'm not sure if there's a way to clear the auto-launch, but I don't like it. Many help and many thanks in advance.

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