hi, i have had an issue for a while now which could be because of my windows DPI settings as i have an issue with something else too but cant remember what that was, i just remember it was related to me having a resolution of 1920x1080 and as my font was so tiny i had to change the dpi to huge (150%) i think it was

now what i am having trouble with is whenever i visit a website that wants to access my webcam or mic i have to click allow or deny, which i am unable to do basically so websites that want that specific access i can not visit in chrome

i tried going into flash settings on the adobe website and clicking always allow under where it asks should it always ask, always allow or always deny for websites that want my webcam or mic and that is still no help

hope someone can help as this is so annoying, thanks

using google chrome stable and running windows 7 64 bit