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This is a discussion on Chrome & Chrome Dev Unresponsive Window within the Bugs and Vulnerabilities section, part of the Google Chrome category: Hello, Sorry to be an annoyance with posting a new thread and all so soon after the last one, but ...

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    Default Chrome & Chrome Dev Unresponsive Window


    Sorry to be an annoyance with posting a new thread and all so soon after the last one, but I've just encountered a problem on Chrome Dev which I was also having on that I forgot about.

    Sometimes a Chrome window (not tab, a separate window) will become completely unresponsive. I can't maximise it or get it up in any way at all (Chrome task manager, Windows task manager using "switch to" etc.). In other words, I can't use the window at all because I can't even see it (i.e. maximise it).

    It's hard to clarify the problem, because the browser is still functional in a way and I don't know if it's only when several Chrome windows are open or not, or maybe it depends on what I'm browsing on the net?

    Let's take my current situation as an example...I have 4 Chrome windows open (including the one I'm using to post this thread), most of them have several tabs open inside them. I have one tab open in the window that's crashed, and it's playing music from kube.totalkiss.com. The music is still playing even though the window has become unresponsive. All the other Chrome windows are responding with no problems.

    The problem only seems to happen after I've minimised the window, and only after the window has been open for some time. I think the window that has crashed right now has been open for about an hour and a half, and playing music from that website the whole time.

    Bit of a strange one this, and hard to replicate, but it's only been happening in the last version of stable Chrome. I never had the problem before, and to clarify again...the problem also exists in Dev


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    How much RAM do you have?

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    As stated on the other thread, 4GB DDR2.

    I doubt it's a RAM problem due to

    1) Not receiving any errors due to virtual memory being low - obviously happens after your RAM is essentially used up (minus reserved system space) and Windows has also used up all it can of the virtual memory.

    2) Can load up loads more windows and programs of all sorts just fine when it happens.

    I won't claim to be any sort of expert on RAM, though, so I don't doubt I could be wrong. Just doesn't seem to add up as a RAM problem to me.

    Thanks again.

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