I upgraded several computers to Chrome version 8.0.552.224 from Chrome 7.x. Afterwards, most text looked terrible in Chrome. It affected fonts in web pages, as well as fonts in Chrome itself (like menus, favorite buttons, and tab labels). I am running Windows 7 64-gig, and had the same problem on several different Lenovo Thinkpad models running this operating system and Chrome.

I have corrected for most of the problem by changing the "compatibility" settings in the Properties menu (reached by right-clicking on Chrome in the Start menu). Checking the box for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" fixed most (but not all) of the problem. The odd thing is that I am NOT actually using a high DPI scaling. Also, I did not have this problem running previous versions of Chrome on these same computers--it started in each case with the upgrade to 8.0.552.224.