hello everyone. I'm using an oldschool P4 with FX 5200. It is very well kept in maintence, set to preformence, and gets the job done just the way I want it. (works way faster browsing the web than friends Core 2 kept in bad maintence)

now for questions:
1. playing a flash app, with another very flashy and flickery flash ad on the side of the screen (you must have seen those everywhere), I decrease the window size, so that the ad isn't shown. But this makes the flash app and the whole page lag, as if the ad is building up frames while its not being viewed. Eventually the whole flash plug-in will crash.
2. Watching a clip online in youtube, if its in fullscreen sometimes the image freezes, the timelapse and audio goes on, but the image won't unfreeze unless I go back to window view. (works perfecly in normal windowsize)

hopefully this is the right section to post this (if not I'd very appreciate this if admins move it to the appropriate sec. ty)