I have two problems re importing bookmarks, one old and one new.

Chrome, in its infinite wisdom, doesn't ask from where to import bookmarks. Since I have multiple Firefox profiles, this is a problem. I've wasted probably a couple of hours over various versions of Chrome trying to figure out where Chrome picks up the bookmarks to import since the set imported must be more than a year or even two years old. (Yes, I've searched for bookmarks and variations to no avail.). And my Firefox profiles are kept on a separate partition from the OS. (W7, x64).

I was hoping Chrome 17 might be smarter, but it isn't. I did discover, however, that if I exported my Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file, I could point Chrome to the right directory. Unfortunately, it treated hundreds of bookmarks as distinct folders rather than as bookmarks within folders & sub-folders (my Firefox bookmarks have fairly deep structures). Worse, the bookmarks show under a generic name. So, for example, the 20 bookmarks in sub-folder "Name" get imported into Chrome as folders Name, Name, Name, Name, ..... with the actual bookmark tucked under the Chrome-created folder Name. Totally useless.

And, of course, because Google doesn't think a new version of Chrome could ever be defective and won't let a person install multiple versions, I can't go back to the older version of Chrome which had imported an ancient set of bookmarks but one that I had cleaned up a bit.

NOTE: Chrome's "my way or the highway" attitude is one of the many reasons that Firefox remains my primary browser. I use Chrome primarily for backup, essentially to test if a problem with a particular web site is due to a problem with Firefox (or a new add-on) or with the web site ... or so I can do some mindless browsing when I'm backing up the partition that contains Firefox.