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This is a discussion on System crash with Chrome 2.0 within the Bugs and Vulnerabilities section, part of the Google Chrome category: Hi, I'm a big fan of Google Chrome, but I've got a showstopper of an error with the latest version ...

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    Default System crash with Chrome 2.0


    I'm a big fan of Google Chrome, but I've got a showstopper of an error with the latest version of Chrome.

    Running Vista.

    After a few minutes of use, the Chrome window becomes unresponsive. The mouse still moves. I can close other Chrome windows, but not the unresponsive window. Network access is gone. Other applications won't start up. Then, when I press Control - Alt - Delete, I get a dialog box with this error message "logon process has failed to create the security options dialog." I can't get to the task manager. I can't restart or shut down the computer. All I can do is kill the power to the machine.

    Now, a few weeks ago, I upgraded to the Chrome 2.0 beta and these problems started happening. After a few days, I figured out that this problem seemed to be related to Chrome, so I downgraded back to the non-beta version. The problems went away.

    Last night, I let the updater update to the newest version of Chrome. Then, within a few minutes of updating, the system locked up and I got the "logon process has failed to create the security options dialog" error again.

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    What (if any) security software are you running? It's possible that something in the Chrome 2.0 beta that's getting hosed by active protection. I've seen a lot of different things cause this problem but the most common problems have been protection software corrupted or failing hard drives. That's just my personal experience though.

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    You might want to post a bug report.

    Also, you should consider switching to the Stable version (1.0+)

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