I've a problem with textarea fields.

For example(you can try it here in the Forum)
Fill the line with some words like
fdsf ds sad f sf sdf dsf sd

so that you are at the end of the line, and if you would write an 'a' it would be put into the next line, but the cursor is still in the old line. When you are at that point, hit Space. It does "nothing". Well it does something because there are like invisible Space-Characters. When you hit Back-Space after hitting Space 3 times you have to hit Back-Space for like 4 times to get it to actually remove a visible character. Now when you put an 'a' after hitting space for like 3 times you have to hit the left arrows key like 4 times to get over the invisible spaces. If you put something new in the line then before the invisible space characters they actually turn into 'real' space characters(either at the end of the text or if you put an 'a' between the where you put the space-characters(before the 'a').

I'm kinda bad at explaining so I hope you can understand it...