This will seem bizarre, but it's happening, and thus my post.

I have a site called www.ladyboyfashion.com. It uses a public flash program for posting photo galleris. Those photos are identified in a gallery.xml file.

For some reason, recently, when I change an xml file, and reload the page, chrome isn't picking up the new xml file. It seems as if it is PERMANENTLY using an old xml file (i.e., even if I wait a week, it's using the old xml file).

This DOES NOT happen with IE, Firefox, or Safari. They are reloading the new xml files fine on each reload request.

If I go to antother PC that has not loaded that xml file before, it is ok, and is picking up the new one (so it isn't an xml bug). So it seems like an XML file, once loaded on my PC, used by chrome, is being put there permanently and will not reload if a new one is put on the server.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much.