Hi Guys,

I am sure you might have noticed an increased activity on our forum offlate and our forum is continuing to secure its place as the No.1 Source for Google Chrome.

I would like to pick 1-2 members from here, who can write on our Chrome Plugins Blog (the homepage). Offlate i have been getting real busy with one of my personal issues and was not able to keep up with updating the blog. So we need 1-2 guys who can compliment it.


  • Good writing skills (Perfect English)
  • Knowledge About Wordpress Blogging Platform
  • Must understand Google Chrome and issues regarding it
  • Must be well aware of the latest developements on Chrome, posting about latest news and stuff..
  • New ideas and things which can be posted about Google Chrome
  • One thing : the posts must be hand written (no copy-pasting from others)

Basically, if you are already updating a blog then i am sure you can post on this as well..