Chrome reports some sites as "insecure". The exact message is something like:
"However, this page includes other resources which are not secure..."

Personally I find this vague. Which resources? Is it something serious? Or just a stupid animated GIF. What? What's not secure? I pour over the page looking for "http:" where it should be "https:". I find nothing. So hours later I just conclude that it's Chrome not correctly identifying the issue screaming "FIRE!!! FIRE!!!" when there is none.

I cannot justify wasting hours of my time developing sites for Chrome with vaguely serious sounding threats that don't appear in other major browsers. So my recommendation to our clients is simply to ignore this browser and to suggest to their visitors who encounter it is to use something that doesn't generate so many false positives.

I mean come on, obviously chrome has identified which resource is untrusted, why not just report it? What's so hard as to say "it's this image, it should be src="https://..." but instead it's src="http://..."