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    Default ChromeOS logo leaked?

    I just read this and I thought I would share it to you guys

    Written by =spain @ deviantART


    Microsoft is launching Windows 7 seven days from today on October 22. This evening, Google is holding an “open house” — which, it turns out, is open to everyone but the press — during which company officials are slated to share more details on its forthcoming Chrome OS. (You can bet there will be plenty of bloggers in attendance who will share all...

    Meanwhile, a leaked copy of the browser that’s allegedly part of the Chrome OS seems to be circulating out there. (Update: This isn’t the OS but the implication seems to be the actual Chrome OS is in the wild or soon could be. Thanks for the clarification, TZ.)

    Given the propensity of competitors (including Microsoft) to try to rain on each other’s parades — or new product launches — it’s not so far-fetched to see this evening’s Chrome OS show-and-tell as Google’s attempt to confuse the OS market just in time for Windows 7.

    When Google first shared its intentions to deliver Chrome OS by the latter half of 2010, the company created a lot more questions than answers. Was Chrome OS simply a version of Linux with the Chrome browser fused into it? Would it be a netbook OS only? How would it differ from Android? Would Chrome OS even be a true “operating system,” in the sense we understand that term today?

    If I were Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, I’d pick October 22 as the date when I’d drop the first Chrome OS beta. Guess we’ll find out by next week if Schmidt is as diabolical as I am….

    I did not write anything between the huge quotes. I just copied it from =spain's blog on deviantART.

    Later on, I looked over the web for some more ChromeOS screenshots and found these on TechCrunch:

    If you look closely at those screenshots, you can see the same logo mentioned on the article above..

    On that same blog page, there is also a link to another "leaked" (< apparently) version of the ChromeOS. Read more about that build here.

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    Clouds, what is the interesting thing about the linux version of Chrome Browser .. Still not the OS :=) ?

    To the rest, fake, fake, fake .oO

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    Google Chrome OS sounds awesome! I would at least try it yes, but i don't really like the idea of it only being on-line based... It is a must try though, as they say "don't read a book by its cover"

    FXBx RX -Sol
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