Hi everyone!

I've just starting using Chrome more heavily because of a strange Firefox4 bug that makes it unusable on my machine - however, Chrome is acting weirdly, in a way that makes me suspect that something is wrong.

The symptoms: When I'm browsing Facebook or Youtube, I constantly get the "Additional plugins required to display content..." popup at the top of the browser window. When I click on it, it shows that DivX Web Player is required for some reason - which doesn't make sense to me for Facebook or Youtube.

However, I just thought "What the hell, I've had DivX Player installed before, and it was always removable without problems..." and clicked "install". However: The install process was completely automated, taking me through the entire DivX Web Player install process without allowing me to interfere at all - hence, things like "Install Norton xxx" (didn't see much more, as the screen was gone quickly) stayed checked during the install process.

Is this normal behaviour? Or did I just turn my new Chrome install into part of a botnet?

And if it's normal behaviour for Chrome: WTF? Makes me want to go back to FF with NoScript...

I'd be extremely grateful for any advice you guys have on the matter. Thanks in advance!