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This is a discussion on append same html elements to DOM by background script within the Chrome Plugins section, part of the Google Chrome category: ...

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    Default append same html elements to DOM by background script

    I want to append the same html elements to the current TAB document DOM.
    I want these html extended elements to live "forever", so I want to built them once, and append them on every page load by the content script.I was thinking to place the createElement commends at the background page.
    Then for every web page load, I want the content script to communicate with the background script, so it will append them to the current TAB document DOM.
    Is that good practice?My problem is that I donít know how to append html elements to the DOM from the background page.
    Can you please help?

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    I dont think you can add an element to the tabs dom from the background page.Youll either need to use messaging to communicate with the content script or you could use tabs.executeScript to inject a script in the tab (you can then construct it from the background page) but then youll have to monitor the tab for updates and what not.

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