Hi guys n girls.

I had an idea last night and wanted to know if it could be realised. For the record, what you read here - STAYS HERE. I trust you'll respect that. Don't let me down! Thanks!

Ok,.. so,. the idea is,.. Google Chrome: Auto-Portal.


1. You have a tab open but you want to see the data from one site, (or a specific area of one site), on the foreground page/tab.
2. You don't need or want to put two browsers or tabs side by side on the screen so you open the Auto-Portal instead.

How it works:

1. You have a webpage open, you press a specific short-cut, (via mouse or keys), to activate the Auto-Portal feature. Click n drag an area on site/page to open an as-yet un-connected portal.
2. There'd be a tiny panel of 3 or 4 pre-programmable links to your favourite sites. Select a link. The chosen site/page will, 'open/connect', inside the selected area.
3. The newly opened auto-portal area can be:

  • Resized.
  • Dragged.
  • Closed.
  • Minimised.
  • Edited, (links, behaviours).
  • Used to fully navigate a page with side and bottom scroll-bars.
  • Locked into place if the location on the foreground page is deemed suitable by the user.
  • Symbiotic, ie, it can work in perfect unison with the foreground tabbed page.

4. What the Auto-Portal is not:

  • It's not a window, (as we know Jim).
  • It's not a browser, (as we know Jim).
  • It's not a screenshot grabber.
  • It's not a stand-alone program.
  • It's not an app for mobile use.
  • It's not skinnable, but it uses the current chrome skin.

I am not a developer in any way shape or form so I do not know if this is even possible but if I had it on my rig, I'd use it all the time. Tabs are useful sure, but it's sometimes nice to be able to have a way to read a specific area of another website right next to another without having to change tabs or resize / rearrange browsers- ie having two data sources side by side, (think: picture in picture), - especially useful if they're relevant to one another but not actually on the same site or page. Auto-Portal allows this.

If I've forgotten something, I'll update this post, but for now, that's the general idea - who wants to create Auto-Portal with my functional guidance? I'd only be on hand to tell you what functions it'll have - not here to advise you on code etc, I know NOTHING about code. I'll tell you how I want Auto-Portal to work, you create and assemble the code into a working program/plugin/app/extension (whatever it'll eventually be), we both hopefully get rich when Microsoft ask us for the concept, (which we'll patent long before then, hopefully).

Drop me a note with any questions etc if you're interested. How long could this take? 12 months? Less? A few weeks? I have no idea. Also am happy to hear constructive criticism of my idea if I have overlooked some as-yet unknown factors in its ability to be realised, I know nothing about how the core of Google Chrome works.

Auto-Portal Concept
Kester Andrews, 12 Oct' 2012.