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This is a discussion on Blocking ads and hiding page elements within the Chrome Plugins section, part of the Google Chrome category: the ad-blocking extension "Adblock Plus" is now available for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from https://adblockplus.org/en/chrome...

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    the ad-blocking extension "Adblock Plus" is now available for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from https://adblockplus.org/en/chrome

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    Thumbs up ad-blocking extension "Adblock Plus" is now available for Google Chrome

    everybody who use Google chrome should use the ad-blocking extension "Adblock Plus" is now available for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from "https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb". it is nice & easy to use.

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    Default adblock

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael3185 View Post
    Browsers and advert blockers(Note: Also have a look at my 4th post below; Blocking ALL ads easily in Chrome.).A lot of people are confused about advert blocking in Chrome and other browsers, so for those who don't find the subject clear, here's some simple help. Adblock+ for Chrome is written by Lex1. The script/.crx file and information can be found in another thread, linked to at the end of this post.For some time I've been trying out different ad blocking tools, in different browsers as well as Chrome. I wanted to know just what was going on, and what options are available at the moment (as opposed what might be available 'somewhere down the road'). For those who aren't sure about ad blocking, here's what I found.When most people use the name Adblock+ they're referring to the Firefox extension, Adblock Plus. The Adblock+ discussed here is not the same thing. In Firefox, Adblock Plus can stop ads from loading, and also has a companion extension called Element Hider which lets you remove annoying things from web pages you visit. It has a context (popup) menu which allows easy selection and ad blocking, and uses lists provided around the web of nasty sites to block. Adblock Plus stops ads before they load, which speeds up browsing slightly and saves a little bandwidth as well. It's not available for Chrome yet.Opera has a 'Block content' popup menu, but it hides elements rather than blocking content from loading. It also only seems to allow hiding of images and videos, not text ads or blocks of text. Opera can also use a content blocking list in the form of an .ini file, and so does some of the job of Adblock Plus on Firefox, but not as easily for non-technical users.Google Chrome has three versions; Stable, Beta, and Development (Dev). There are other threads about how to get each version, but if you just downloaded Chrome from a 'normal' link, you're probably running the Stable release. (If you want to run scripts you'll need the Beta version, and for .crx (packed) extensions you'll need Dev. This Adblock+ is available as both script and .crx file).To confuse things further SRWare's Iron browser, which is developed from the same Chromium Open Source project Google Chrome is, can also block ads. But it does it differently of course (I can just hear Sinatra singing, "I did it myyyyy way"...) Iron has 'extensions enabled' and uses an .ini file containing a list of sites to block before content loads, similar to Opera. It works, but strangely, Iron doesn't load .crx extensions. It will run the script version of this Adblock+ though.How to use Adblock+ (with a nod to other blockers)You can use this script/extension with Chrome and Iron, and possibly Chromium (I haven't checked). If you use the script version you don't get the snazzy tools in the bottom of the browser window that you do with the .crx version, but it works fine. I should say here that this Adblock+ is not a content blocker; it's an 'element hider'. This means that it gives you the option to hide things after they've loaded. It happens so quickly that you don't usually see the things you've blocked again. If you made a mistake you can unblock them again too.Using it is very simple. Pressing Alt+B (or using a tool button in the .crx/Dev version) allows you to mouse over offending page items and select them for hiding. Alt+W pulls up a more compact 'element background' filter. Alt+E allows filter editing, Alt+T undoes the last hide, and Alt+U undoes all hides.To get the quickest and best results you should mouse over the edges of a block/box on the page to hide it's container and make the page to look tidy afterwards. When you left-click, a small dialog appears which contains the string used by Adblock+ to hide the element. For example, one site I use has a 'Job of the week' block which I don't want to see. It shows text and an image, and has a container to hold them. This is done in the page's HTML with a DIV block. Clicking the edge of the container after pressing Alt+W I get the following in the Adblock+ dialog;HTML>BODY>DIV[id="container"]>DIV[id="wrapper"]>DIV[id="adWrapper"]>DIV[id="mainContent"]>DIV[id="holdingdiv"]>DIV[id="jobOfTheWeek"]Now I want to block this on every page of the site, but I don't know whether it's going to be written in exactly the same HTML on every page. All I need to do is hide the container by its DIV ID, so instead of clicking OK in Adblock+ I change the above to;DIV[id="jobOfTheWeek"]Anywhere in the site that a HTML DIV container exists with the ID 'jobOfTheWeek' it simply won't show on the page.Another neat way to do it is to right-click a page element and select 'Inspect element' from the popup menu. Look through the HTML around the element in question, and find what 'holds' it. Then use Alt+E to edit the hiding filter(s) and add the string to the end (after a comma separator), eg., ',DIV[id="WeeklySale"]'. Filters appear in a tiny dialog when editing, so copying it into a text editor, modifying and then pasting back is the best bet once they become a bit lengthy. (Adblock+ could do with a larger dialog for editing).Other blockers/hidersThe Adsweep script works in a similar way to Adblock+ in that hides elements. It isn't easy to add to though, and support for it has been discontinued.If you use Iron for its .ini ad site content blocking, you can just add lines to the .ini file and restart the browser. For example, if you see ads on a site which are linked to from http;//these.duff-ads.com, you just add .duff-ads.com to the list and none of their ads are loaded in future.If you prefer to download regular Chrome updates then you could use BFilter (see later post) or Privoxy to block ad content from loading, and Adblock+ to hide other elements you don't much like. Personally, I found and Privoxy too complicated to bother with, and the hosts file option using Hostsman slowed my machine down terribly.Google say that Chrome will soon have proper extension support, which should give the ability for true content blocking. For now (and in fact even when content blocking is available) Adblock+ does a superb job, though it perhaps should have been called HideContent to save confusion.Adblock+ is available in this thread. (If you want the User Script version, go to the link at userscripts.org and then click the Source Code tab at the top of the page and copy the script content into a file).
    My PayPal account was charged $5 by Adblock on 8/6. PayPal says this was from Google or Chrome. I did not authorize any $5. payment. Who did submit the charge and why?

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