Dear all,

I use a extension to download a exe file, and then execute it. Then the action is to extract plugin dll to local folder, then write the registry key and value to indicate plugin location path to Path value on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\xxx.

It's fine we use in XP ( But I should refresh the page, that the page with plugin object will be loaded), Win7 with UAC, then the page will be loaded with plugin automatically.

But the situation I got is : I disable the UAC on Win7, and the exe will be downloaded and executed, but the loaded page can't find the plugin, no matter I reload the page or check the about : plugins config that without the mime type of plugin, all I have to do is reopen the chrome and relink the page, the plugin will appear again.

Is it a flaw on Chrome ? or what can I avoid this dilemma ?