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This is a discussion on [EXT] Search Center - Now with context menu support! within the Chrome Plugins section, part of the Google Chrome category: Description Quickly Search & re-search multiple sites without having to type your search terms again and again Install Page https://chrome.google.com/extensions...nbpejdceedhdmf ...

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    Default [EXT] Search Center - Now with context menu support!


    Quickly Search & re-search multiple sites without having to type your search terms again and again

    Install Page



    Context Menu
    • Select some text on the page and right click and select a search engine to use from a list of all your search engines.

    Group Engines
    • Group a bunch of search engines into one. Click the group and all search engines open with the search term.

    Search for selected text
    • When you select text on the page Search Center will automatically fill its input with the selected text

    Remember address bar searches
    • If you do a google search from the address bar, search center will remember that search. If you do a tabbed search from the address bar Search Center will remember the search if it is in it's list of engines,

    Middle Click
    • If you click on a search engine with the middle mouse button it will be opened in a new tab. This behaviour is customisable in the options page.

    Add Current Site
    Open Search

    • Open Search data is sometimes included in a page that has a search box. If you go to one of these sites and click the Add Current Site the search engine will be added.
    Site Learning

    • If you use searchcenter as your search term at a search site and then click the Add Current Site (after doing the search), Search Center will see this and add the search engine to its list.

    Manual Add
    • Manually add websites from the options menu, by entering the name, icon location and search Url.

    MyCroft Support
    • A new feature...Go to http://mycroft.mozdev.org and do a search or click on the Top 100. After the page has loaded enough any search engines that support OpenSearch will have a Search Center icon next to them. Clicking on this icon will add that search engine to Search Center.

    Site Search
    • Pressing Shift+Enter in the Search Center popup will cause Search Center to do a google search of the site (in the selected tab) for the terms in the input box.

    Icon Cacheing
    • Icons displayed in Search Center are cached on the users computer so that Search Center doesnt have to get them everytime Chrome is started. This make the extension alot more responsive, especially for dialup users.

    Reorder website list
    • From the options page you can change the order the the websites are displayed but click the arrow buttons.

    Directly open a url
    • If you select and url and do a default search (enter or clicking the icon to the left of the text box). Instead of running a search, search center will navigate directly the url.

    New Features Page
    • Page explaining current and new features.

    New Version notifcation
    • Search Center popup will nofity you when a new version is installed, so you can learn & start using the enhancements straight away.

    Right click multi-search
    • Select multiple engines with the right mouse button, click the last engine you want with the left mouse button and all search engines will be searched on separate tabs

    Quick key searches
    • quick key searches e.g a default search for "food /w" will search wikipedia for food

    Right click search box will show And hide history

    Typing brings up Suggestions

    Suggestions can be disabled

    Import/Export engines from the options menu

    Scroll through you previous searches (mousewheel, up and down arrows)

    Can set the default engine to the last engine used

    Small icons can be enabled

    I didn't make this Im just a fan of it. Its got great features and works well, the options page needs a way of rearranging engines but other than that its great. The author is open to suggestions and Ive even contributed some code to it . Id like also to say that working with Tim on the code was great, he was open to my suggestions and helped me learn a bit as well. As much as Id like some improvements to the interface I love the fact Tim is more concerned with actual features and Im totally confident he will deliver on the interface when hes satisfied with the internals.
    So if you like swapping search engines alot and dont like typing give it a go.

    And to others, if theres an extension you really like that you think others should know about, then post a thread about it we want to know!! And tell us WHY you like it....theres allready 1000's of extensions and its easy to miss a gem.
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    Been updated again, new features are now listed in the first post.
    Note there was a change to the multi search option using the right mouse button.
    If you haven't tried it before you should give it a go, it really is good.

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    Ive allways liked this extension, but it just got context menu support and for me that was the last feature I really wanted!
    If you havent tried it before, nows a good time

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    Nice. I was searching for somthing like this. I frequently search google and amazon simultaneously and this is quite handy.

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