It is a handy tool to look up the map of any location in the world and explore its nearby places of interest, without leaving your current page. Simple and Easy. Most languages and countries are supported.

* Look up any location in the world (search box under Near)
* Prompt recent 10 locations
* Search nearby places of interest in the map (search box in the map)
* Click to search popular local places (quick search links at the bottom)
* Show the map of your current location (icon on top left)
* Get directions


* Why "no response" after clicking on the icon?
When the extension first runs, it tries to determine the user's city through Google. The process may take a few more seconds. Please be patient. After that, it will use the last location and show the map very fast.

* How to Copy and Paste in the extension window?
Chrome does not allow right-click context menu in the extension popup window. Please use Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + P to paste (use Cmd instead of Ctrl on Mac).