Hi all,

I need to do an extension which does the following for google chrome 19.0.1084.52 m:

A- Refresh after a period of time
B- Counter must be restarted if key or mouse click is pressed
C- In case of internet fails, extension keeps trying to refresh the page. When conection is restored, page will be restored automatically.
D- Customize error page of no conection (Optional)

I need that because we have kiosks installed in public places and sometimes conection to internet fails, then appears the error page of no conection until conection returns and somebody restarts the machine. I want to avoid "somebody restarts the machine" with this extension.

I have tried all chrome extensions but none was ok. "Chrome reload" and "Chrome refresh" were an approach but not what I'm looking for. They don't accomplish "B" point.

The ideal would be customize the error page which appears when "no conection" in google chrome and starts a task of trying to refresh automatically until conection is restored. But I have read that is imposible, that's why the need of the plugin/extension to accomplish points A,B,C and D.

Does anybody know an extension to accomplish this? if not, how to develop one?

Thank you very much,