I have searched for awhile for an extension that I wanted, but I could not find it. If there is an extension that is similar to what I am about to describe, I am sorry I am so blind and request that you please post the url of that extension. If there isn't one, can someone please take their time and make this extension.

With so much colorful and amazing Google chrome themes available, I can not help but be a little aggravated when the pinned "Most visited" sites blocks mostly the entire image. I know that you can change its settings to where it does not display the boxed images of the most visited sites, but I prefer that setting than just the text of the website. If possible, can someone somehow modify those boxes where it is transparent so I can see the image of the Chrome theme?

I do not know whether this is possible or not, but I really hope there is an extension like this. Much is appreciated if someone replies this thread.