Facebook Enhancer for Google Chrome

For those of you who are Facebook Mania out there...

I have created a Google Chrome Extension called
"FaCeBooK EnHaNCeR" which include these features:

Bigger Profile Pictures and Photos Popup
Popups a bigger picture when you hovering the mouse over thumbnails of profile pictures or photos, even if the person is not your friend. It then disappear when you move the mouse off the small picture. You can also hold Ctrl, Shift or Alt when putting the mouse over a picture to prevent the popup from appearing, or hold them when taking the mouse off a picture to keep the popup open.

Fixed Top Menu Bar
Keep the top menu bar on the screen, even after scrolling down.

Fixed Left Filter List
Keep the left filter list visible even after scrolling down.

Bottom Menu Bar Transparency
Makes the bottom menu bar 10% transparent.

Highlights Today's Birthdays
Highlights your friends' birthdays which occurs on today.

Advanced Timestamps
Replaces all timestamps of facebook status updates and wall posts with more useful information.

Favicon Alerts
Alerts you to the number of unread notifications which is overlaid on the Facebook icon.

Facebook ChatBar++
Gives you a collection of emoticons that you can click in Facebook Chat.

Reload Button on Top Menu Bar
Adds a "Reload" button on top menu bar of Facebook pages.
Did you know that clicking browser's reload button actually re-downloads the page along with images and everything? This script adds a "Reload" button in the top menubar on Facebook, clicking it just resets the URL to the same URL it already was, causing the page to update real fast without re-downloading images.

Replace Text Smiley
Replace text smileys (eg. ":-)", ":-D", etc.) with graphical smileys (graphics by Facebook.com)

Remove Top Menu Bar Redundancy
Remove the redundancy of the Facebook top menu bar. The "Home" button is removed because the Facebook logo RIGHT BESIDE IT is also a link to go home. This also turn "Profile" button into your name.

Remove Sponsored Section
Remove the "Sponsored" section from the right sidebar.

Remove Connect with Friends
Remove the "Connect with Friends" section from the right sidebar.

Rounded Profile Tabs
Makes the tabs in your profile rounded corners.

Simple Uploader
Always use Simple Uploader for adding Facebook photos. Automatically and immediately load the Simple Uploader for photos everytime you go to the photo upload page. Bypass the java upload method that always takes so long to load.


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