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It isn't logical at all. If you work on a car do you expect to have all car tools merged into one big tool? I agree LucVN. Adding everything into the browser will lead only to an over-bloated and slow browser like Firefox. Chrome is sleek and fast, and turning into another Firefox in terms of bloat will mean nobody will bother using it. After all, why change when the only thing in the end is the look of it? Taken to the extreme, if all applications are merged then we'd only need one massive application for everything. It might take ten minutes to load, and two minutes just to switch tabs to do something different, but hey, what cool! Nobody would try to merge a motorcycle with a fish tank, so just use each tool for its own job, and keep the tools small and fast. Complication for its own sake is nothing more than enthusiastic stupidity.
I know, right? Sometimes I just think to myself: "why the heck would anyone want a GPS attached to their car or phone?" I mean, you have maps, and you have cars, and you have phones. Why would anyone want to put them together? And this crazy internet stuff on a phone? I mean, a phone you should place calls with, and you can use your 486SX to browse the interwebs, right? Then they added GPS, and it made me want to go all postal!!! Why do I need a my computer to have a calculator on it? We should all buy physical ones instead. It just doesn't make sense!!

I'm soo on board with you, man. I mean, ever since they started adding radios to vehicles instead of just leaving it as a boombox you could stick on your seat, I was downright livid! I was marching around the car audio store demanding they shut down the bloat!

...Then again, it goes a whole lot deeper than that: Look at peanut butter and jelly! They had peanut butter sandwiches, then they had jelly sandwiches, and some numbskull decided to put the two together! This world is all about bloat, and gosh darn it, it needs to stop! Fight the power!