I know Google has tried social networking in the past and failed but I have a nitch that will put google on the top of the social networking industry. This nitch solves all the current social networking problems, it is a true social network whereas facebook, twitter, myspace are not, and best of all everyone I have talked to want to join it.

This would provide Google with millions more sites to advertise on, opens up txt advertising legally, and opens up the cell phone industry.

I have a presentation ready and would like to present it to Eric Schmidt and the board. The only problem is I have tried to call Google and been on hold yesterday and today for 1 1/2 hours.

Is there anyway anyone who sees this can pass the word along to Eric Schmidt or another board member?

This nitch will put Google on to of the social networking industry and it will open up other opportunities.

This nitch can also be used by facebook also but would rather see google have a crack at it first.