I'm on the fence about switching completely over from FF but I have a few issues that must be resolved first. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my work is all browser based and I really like chrome so far but these problems have to be fixed first.

1. search fields automatically remember what you typed earlier. Whether it be a search field, or user name field, or email address. I can't find where to disable or change this.

2. my browser is bookmark based for more efficiency. The way I have it set up right now on FF is all my bookmarks are in what's called the "all in one sidebar", along with extensions and other options. This is perfect because it's always there and is used constantly. I have searched and can't find anything like this on the extensions site.

3. new tab home page cannot be changed apparently. I saw a few extensions that opened up bookmarks or history, or opened tabs. I don't see how this is very useful though, at least not to me. If there was simply an option to have it open to a blank page, that would be more beneficial, or an option to set it to whatever page I want.

4. youtube video download plugin - not work related but still something that I would like to have. Also searched and couldn't find.

5. ie tab - I downloaded this, and this is probably the biggest issue. This is a must have for my work. In FF, I have each bookmark (work related) preset to open in ie tab, otherwise it will not work. As of right now, I cannot open up the options for ie tab in chrome for some reason. I click on options and it goes to a blank page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.