Extension : Comment Save

Developer : Shayan Javed

Latest Version : V 0.3.3

Download Latest Version : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...dccodfhlifmmco

Description : Comment Save (CS) helps you keep track of what you have been writing as you type. Icon beside the address bar brings up a window showing you the last post you wrote alongwith a link to the page. Link in the window allows you to view your post history.

Features :

* Records your post as you type so you can recover it if you lose it.
* Keeps a history of all your posts along with a link to the page and the time.
* Allows you to add filters so you can disable tracking on certain websites.
* Simple checkbox in the popup window enables/disable tracking globally.

Browser Compatibility : Should work with most versions of Chrome

Any feedback and suggestions will be appreciated!

Works perfectly on websites like youtube/facebook/forums/etc. Works on this forum too!