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    Post [UPDATED Ext] Autofill - automatic form filler

    Extension: Autofill

    Latest Version: 5.5

    Developer: thdoan


    Download Latest Version:

    Description: This extension allows you to fill out web forms automatically on page load. It is more convenient, flexible, and powerful than Google Chrome's built-in AutoFill feature. Many more features are in the works (click "Read more" to see Future Plans on the official extensions gallery page above).

    • Set and forget fill out forms in ZERO clicks!
    • Ultimate control autofill, autoselect, and autocheck single-line text input boxes, multi-line text input boxes ('textarea' elements), password fields, hidden fields, menus/lists ('select' elements), checkboxes, radio buttons, and even WYSIWYG edit widgets (rich text editors)
    • Form fields wizard use the wizard to automatically generate autofill rules for you without having to look at the source code
    • Easy to manage create profiles to better organize your autofill rules
    • Quick access execute all autofill rules in a profile and more through the right-click context menu and floating toolbar
    • Regular Expressions use powerful text matching patterns to define fields to autofill
    • Variables use special variables to output random words (text spinner), numbers, and alphanumeric characters
    • Site filtering restrict Autofill on a per-site basis
    • Exceptions specify websites to exclude from Autofill
    • Import/Export transfer your settings to another computer or to the Autofill add-on for Firefox
    • Keyboard shortcuts use the mouse or the keyboard for improved accessibility

    Browser Compatibility: Google Chrome 5+

    Video Demo 1 (adding rules using the wizard):

    Video Demo 2 (adding rules manually):



    • Added ability to autofill contentEditable divs
    • Added ability to import individual profiles (Append)
    • Improved support for rich text editors
    • Improved rich text autofill to retain formatting
    • Improved CSV data structure validation
    • Improved sample autofill rules
    • Fixed bug: symbols in Exceptions returning errors
    • Fixed bug: wizard not working on some forms
    • Fixed bug: fields still highlighted after closing wizard
    • Fixed bug: RegExp qualifiers escaped in some patterns

    • Added option to disable fuzzy text label matching
    • Fixed bug: false positive text label match

    • Added option to enable "overwrite" by default
    • Added option to set autofill delay

    • Added profile site filter
    • Added option to scale rules table to window height
    • Added tooltip for reorder rule icon
    • Moved "overwrite" option from global to profile level
    • Updated options layout (Other Stuff tab)
    • Updated FAQ (Support tab)

    • Added support for matching class names as backup
    • Updated sound effects to be off by default
    • Updated context menu text
    • Fixed missing wizard background in Linux
    • Fixed bug: 3rd-party iframes returning errors
    • Fixed critical bug: autofill operation failing (5.1.1)

    • Added wizard to generate autofill rules (context menu)
    • Improved Other Stuff tab to be more organized
    • Improved toolbar and optimized toolbar CSS
    • Renamed "Profiles" to "Execute profile" in context menu
    • Updated content in FAQ (Support tab)
    • Fixed bug: profiles can get out of sync with BG page
    • Fixed bug: toolbar looks funny on some sites
    • Fixed bug: toolbar can conflict with document events
    • Fixed 4.4 bug: toolbar can "stick" to cursor
    • Fixed 4.x bug: edit boxes shouldn't expand on first load

    • Added option to mask passwords
    • Updated default toolbar position to upper right corner
    • Updated Type selection to not show error on new rows
    • Fixed bug: multiple indexes not working for Select
    • Fixed bug: resizing window can put toolbar out of view
    • Fixed bug: don't toggle checkmark if toolbar can't open
    • Fixed bug: bottom Name box shouldn't get focus on load

    • Removed toolbar icon (unnecessary feature)
    • Added context menu item to show floating toolbar
    • Added option to disable context menu
    • Fixed bug: rules are shortcircuiting after first match
    • Fixed bug: 1! and 0! stopped working for Checkbox/Radio

    • Added Autofill toolbar icon and floating toolbar
    • Improved label detection code to be more efficient
    • Updated content in Q&A (Support tab)
    • Fixed bug: labels with symbols were not detected
    • Fixed bug: menus with numeric text not autoselected
    • Fixed bug: invalid cell should not force focus
    • Fixed bug: extra rules can remain after import

    • Added support for matching field labels
    • Added support for matching text/value in drop-down menus
    • Added autofill rule count to profile list
    • Optimized autofill code to be more efficient
    • Improved Manage Profiles dialog instructions
    • Improved default rules to be more useful
    • Updated content in Form Fields header
    • Updated help bubbles to show above status message
    • Fixed bug: rules can be moved to Unfiled by mistake
    • Fixed bug: stray icon in lightbox dialog titlebar
    • Fixed bug: re-enabling profile sorting behaves strangely
    • Fixed bug: context menu not showing in certain cases
    • Fixed typo in Support Q&A (wrong keyboard shortcut)

    • Added support for Profiles to better organize your rules
    • Added context menu to allow autofilling by profile
    • Added support for HTML5 div-based rich text editors
    • Added logic to call field's event handler after autofill
    • Added logic to disable buttons when not needed
    • Added new keyboard shortcuts and updated existing ones
    • Added Back/Forward button navigation through tabs
    • Improved drag & drop (including new animation and icon)
    • Improved rules table to be more compact and auto-expand
    • Improved unique ID generator (shorter IDs to save space)
    • Improved error tracking and messages
    • Improved animation code (replaced JavaScript with CSS3)
    • Improved lightbox to use flexbox instead of JavaScript
    • Improved lightbox to stay within screen size
    • Improved readability of exported CSV data
    • Optimized JavaScript using jsPerf to increase performance
    • Updated logic to match URL _or_ document title
    • Updated logic to make Name column optional
    • Updated content in Form Fields, Other Stuff, and Support
    • Updated text bubbles
    • Updated status message animation
    • Updated lightbox style
    • Fixed bug: error selecting menus without event handler
    • Fixed bug: unable to close lightbox in rare scenarios
    • Fixed bug: lightbox should disable all keyboard shortcuts
    • Fixed bug: rules undraggable after showing text bubble
    • Fixed bug: sound can play when no autofill occurs
    • Fixed bug: jumpy status message when scrolling with mouse

    • Added support for Regular Expression "lookbehind" syntax
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for accessibility
    • Updated Support tab

    • Added ability to close lightbox with Escape button
    • Updated Support tab
    • Fixed bug: scrollbar can be on briefly when showing lightbox
    • Fixed bug: lightbox can be made to break on rare occasions
    • Fixed bug: JavaScript error when loading pre-scrolled page
    • Fixed bug: incorrect text bubble position on window resize

    • Added link to "What's New" lightbox (click version number)
    • Improved lightbox code
    • Fixed saving bug after row has been dragged
    • Fixed bug: status message moves on horizontal scroll
    • Fixed bug: rare error adding sample rules on first run
    • Fixed bug: some iframe-based forms not getting autofilled

    • Added support for variables (Other Stuff tab)
    • Added "What's New" lightbox
    • Optimized backend code

    • Added sound effects option (Other Stuff tab)

    • Improved rules reordering to allow drag-and-drop
    • Updated Support tab

    • Improved error message handling
    • Improved text consistency

    • Added ability to reorder autofill rules
    • Improved code size by switching to Microsoft Ajax Minifier
    • Updated sample data

    • Added support for multi-select listboxes
    • Added support for hidden fields
    • Added settings import/export (Other Stuff tab)
    • Added contextual Help button
    • Added storage limit error
    • Improved status message fading code
    • Moved status message to top
    • Updated Save/Reset to be global instead of per tab
    • Updated status message to show globally instead of per tab
    • Updated tooltips text and FAQ
    • Fixed bug where status message did not match error state
    • Fixed tooltips not displaying in Chromium on Linux
    • Fixed typo: "Advance" changed to "Advanced"
    • Fixed installation errors by adding minimum_chrome_version

    • Added option to overwrite non-empty fields (Other Stuff tab)
    • Improved frame detection code
    • Updated default behavior to only autofill empty fields
    • Fixed more status message glitches

    • Added support for forms inside a frame (framesets)

    • Added autofill URL binding (Site column)
    • Added support for checkboxes and radio buttons
    • Added support for iframe-based edit boxes
    • Improved name/id matching code
    • Improved form validation code
    • Improved text bubble hints
    • Improved code size by using YUI Compressor
    • Updated source to pass HTML5 validation
    • Updated sample data
    • Reduced input box height to two rows (Form Fields tab)
    • Fixed status message glitches

    • Initial release

    Autofill Automatic form filler extension [Chrome|Firefox]
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