Extension : CloudShopper

Developer : CloudShopper.com

Latest Version : V

Download Latest Version : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...hpefbipnejejbh

Description : Hi All! My friends and I just finished an extension called CloudShopper. We're pretty proud of it and it would be AWESOME if you guys could check it out and, if you like it, share it with your friends. Feedback and advice is welcomed of course .

In a nutshell, CloudShopper is a "shopping companion" for the browser that helps users get the lowest prices and the best advice on the products they want.

You can see more at our website, www.cloudshopper.com or you can reply to this post with any questions . Thanks in advanced guys .

Features : If there are any stand out features of the extension it can be put here in bulleted format or as you may want.

  • Instant Price Comparison - No more shopping around for the best deal, we bring it to you while you shop (New, Used & Refurbished)
  • Price Alerts - Set an alert and let CloudShopper notify you when the price drops
  • Share with Friends - Share your favorite products with your friends and discover what products they like
  • Ask your Friends - Use CloudShopper to ask your friends for advice on the products you want to buy.

Issues Fixed In New Version ( : Fixed bugs that prevented sites from loading correct price. Added ability to pull price from Amazon cart. Added smooth load animation.

Browser Compatibility : All versions, I think

Additional Note : If you have any issues please respond to this post or email us at support@cloushopper.com or follow us on twitter @CloudShopperGuy

Screen Shots :