Extension: DefinePlugDeveloper: Kapil PendseLatest Version: 0.0.6Download Link:http://defineplug.googlecode.com/files/0.0.6.crxhttp://code.google.com/p/defineplug/Description:It's a browser plugin to find meanings of unknown words.While browsing the web, if you come across a word that you don't understand, just select the word and click on the "df" button. It'll bring up a little window with the meaning of your word. It's that simple.Tip:On most web sites, you can double click on any word to select it! Go ahead, try it right here. This is a pretty handy trick to select words.Current status:Language supported - EnglishBrowser Compatibility : Tested on Google Chrome "14.0.835.187 m" in Windows 7Features:* Recursive Definitions* Primitive support for word stemming