Latest Version: 0.1

Strips down the game, and all other crap on the screen, making a window with only a resizable Kongregate chat room.

Usage: Go to a game on Kongregate. Click the page action button that looks like talk lines.
In this way, you can select games with Game Chat that you want to hang out in as well.
I suggest a game like Peaceful Chatter.

Future plans:
  • Figure out why there's a margin-right: -16px on the chat tab that I can't directly negate and remove it so I can make that 100% width instead of 98%
  • Find and remove excess width from right side of the window when shrunken too small so that the bottom scrollbar doesn't show up.
  • Find out what element has the subnav property and either don't remove it, or replace it so holodeck or whatever will stop complaining about a null value in the JS console.

Works for dev versions, at least.