Hi there,

we at Online Wolves just would like to announce that our new Chrome extension is released and available through Chrome Web Store.

Extension : Overlay Blocker
Developer : Online Wolves
Latest Version : Version 1.0

Download Latest Version : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...fpooooicggkabb

Description : You have probably been hit with different popup overlays on websites asking you to register, take a survey, sign up for a newsletter, buy something or complete a similar action before seeing the content.

Matt Elliot on CNet.com says: “While most overlays have the close button in the upper-right corner, some diabolical webmasters have become masterful at disguising the X button that lets you close a popup overlay and enter the website.”

By installing the Overlay Blocker extension, you get a convenient tool to remove popup overlays on any website not looking for the X button.
This extension does not overload Chrome browser or put an icon in the extension bar, just right click the mouse and choose “Block Overlay” in the service popup window, and that's all!

Have a better time surfing the web!