Differently Imported for DI.fm.

Developer : TechnicalChaos
Latest Version : V 3.4.0
Download Latest Version : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...kf?hl=en&gl=GB

Hi all, Just looking for somewhere to show off where the last few wasted months have gone, building my free Chrome Extension
Using WebAudio Api, HTML5 Canvas and the DI.fm API. The visualisation is presently the usual webaudio TDM and FDM forms but I think it's well implemented. I have looked at beat recognition, playing with fractals or even the opensource Milkshake milkdrop port for HMTL5. So much so i've forked it to start playing however coding takes time but watch this space. In the meantime, Enjoy some great tunes from the good people at DI.fm and some beautiful visuals