HelloI was searching the store and the web, about a plugin to:Allow us to put a new bar to put extensions and apps buttonsOr at least put the address bar in top of current one, and allow to extend the ext / app buttons toolbaror a thin sidebar to put those buttonsOr at least something, a hack, a tool... to allow to put those buttons in other areas (like the side of the tabbar)I know I have tons of extensions and i like them, but chrome at this point seems very closed to customize (i used chrome a lot of times, and i am using it a lot now, stoped using firefox because i wasnt liking the RAM usage (even chrome with tons of addons, is faster than FF)and how about an about:config to change network stuff to make it faster and be able to change the settingsI know under the hood makes some stuff, but its very simple to make more hard changestks !