First of all you must be careful where you are posting your new extension.

We have got the Main Section For Chrome Plugins/Extensions/Add-ons and this is called Chrome Plugins. This is where all New Extensions are going to be Released. For releasing an extension there are certain rules which have to be followed so that a general visitor to the forum can easily search through and find the plugin they want.


Format For Posting A New Extension

Title of the Post : [New Ext] Name Of Your Extension - 2-3 Words Description

Message :

Extension : Name Of Your Extension

Developer : Name of the creator/developer of the extension.

Latest Version : V 1.0 or Whatever it is..

Download Latest Version : Link To the Download For The Latest Version mentioned above.

Description :
You can give a description of the extension in brief of what it does.

Features : If there are any stand out features of the extension it can be put here in bulleted format or as you may want.

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 2
  • ........

Issues Fixed In New Version : Whenever the extension is updated, it can be stated here what changes have been done in new version from older version. Just mentioning the issues would be pretty good.

Browser Compatibility : You can mention here which of the browser versions are supported by the extensions.

Older Extension Versions :
You can just link to the older version downloads of your extension stating the corresponding versions.

Aditional Note: This is optional, you can put in what you expecting to include in new versions if any etc..

Screenshots :
You can put in the screenshots of the extensions if its necessary.

Thats about it..


Please Remember :
You can directly upload your attachments (screenshots, etc) via the upload attachment option when you creating a new thread. Or else you can use any well-known and well-used image uploader such as, etc

The Opening Post of the thread can be edited by the thread starter whenever you want. So when there are updates on the extension, there is no need to create a new thread instead you can update the thread with the info as above and can easily track your versions from one single thread.

If you are not the developer of the extension and posting here just for information then please do provide as many details as you can. And if possible the developer name and or source of information. The mods can then fill up the post with the info as it is gathered.

Note To Mods: Please try to keep this section as clean as possible.

Chrome Plugins :
This section is for New Plugins which have been released and editing the existing threads with new info.

Plugins Troubleshooting :
This section is for any random troubleshooting for any plugin/extension or addon. Any one can post there problems regarding any plugin over here.

Plugins Development :
This section is for developers who want to make a plugin/extension or for people who want to give an idea for making a particular plugin/extension.

I hope the rules are going to be followed. It may seem a lot of work in the start but in the long run this would keep our forum extremely clean and user/developer/visitor/member friendly.