Happy new year everyone!

I've always been the type, who read an article on gizmag etc. and then ctrl-click on a bunch of links, because i want to view them after. And suddenly i wish to search for something and find another bunch of tabs. Generally i usually open a whole lot of tabs at one time: a small browsing session, at least 10 tabs, a normal browsing session; at least 20 tabs, and sometimes i end up on 50+tabs :P I guess you can see where this leads too.

I'm not a developer and don't have the necessary skills to make a plugin, however i'd like to request an plugin to fix this, i have some funtional ideas:

Whenever you ctrl-click/rightclick(open link in new tab) that new tab, should be opened as a sub-tab to the orignial tab.

-article 1--, art. 2--, art. 3.--, video 1, vid2, vid3 etc.
-ext. link 1-,-ext. link 2--,

i hope you understand my illustration
Main tab: gizmag.com
Sub-tab: 1-(x) numbers of tabs
sub-sub-tab: ext. links for certain article.

Ofc. the plugin should warn you if you're trying to close a tab with sub-tabs.

I sincerely hope someone will take the time to implement this feature