Up till now there's no working extension that can allow me to use customized keyboard shortcuts in Chrome (I'm using v12). I tried "Chrome Keyconfig" and also "Shortcut Manager" but both don't work. Here you are some details:

Chrome Keyconfig: Doesn't work at all. I tried to use it on version 11 but still not working.
Shortcut Manager: It doesn't work right away but if I chang the field in the "URL Pattern" in the extension options from "*" to "http://*", it works but I have to give focus (using a mouse click) on the page I wanna close before I can press F4 (the key which I assigned to close tabs) which is not convenient at all.
Also the extension doesn't work on https pages even thought I inserted the line "https://*" in the extension options.

All in all, these 2 solutions don't really work

Can somone develop an extension that can really WORK. I'll appreciate that because I wanna abandon firefox but I can't because Firefox has that extension called "SwiftTabs" which can allow me to close a tab, navigate to right tabs, navigate to left tabs using keyboard shortcuts of my own.