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This is a discussion on 35 Sugestions for Google Chrome within the Chrome Talk section, part of the Google Chrome category: Sugestions: Website Specific 1. website manager where you can set up security levels for particular websites, and manually edit/delete their ...

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    Default Bugs & Sugestions for Chrome


    Website Specific
    1. website manager where you can set up security levels for particular websites,

    and manually edit/delete their cookies, and set prefrences for one specific website at

    a time, (and a default prefs which would be the prefs for unspecified webpages)
    Here are some of the prefrences that could be put in there
    a. check box, that allows users to refresh the webpage automatically, if user loads it

    via back button
    b. security level for a specific site, including disableing cookies for that site
    c. any/all features/extensions/and even bookmarks can be set per site (would default

    as how you normally have eveything)
    d. Files are saved in different locations based on the site they are downloaded from

    2. Completed with extensionHotLinks ability

    to set an item or link to a hotkey, so when that key is pressed, the link is activated,

    even if that webpage, isnt the active tab, should also be able to set hotlinks to


    Shortcut Manager


    3. Recent Links the browser already shows you any visited links on a webpage,

    but it would be nice if it also showed when you visited those links. Solution, links

    visited within 10 hours would have a double underline, older links would have a single


    4. Highlighting webpage done with extension

    allows you to highlight text from a webpage , easily, the highlights

    should stay if the user saves a local copy of the webpage.., also numbers on the

    numbpad, could corispond with highlighted stuff (alt+1 to go to the first highlighted,

    alt+11 goes to the 11th, same with tabs, dont just stick to the first 9 tabs, and show

    tab/highlight numbers)

    5. Power Extensions extensions need full power to do anything (if specifically reviewed and aproved)

    6. Adblock there is an extension for it, but would be better built in

    RightClick\MarkAsPopUP ability to right click, and mark element

    as popup, google then removes the popup, replacing it with whatever the background

    should be (and maybe send the data to google, and add it to a 'popup list'


    7. Memory Allocation Limit the ammount of memory an extension can use. It would

    have 2 limits; while the extension is active (it has been recently used by the user),

    and InActive (the extension hasnt been used recently, so it is removed from memory)

    8. Settings Plans every feature in chrome, should be able to be turned off, or on,

    In addition, each feature should have a description, and a speed rating (how much it

    slows the browser down), the user should be able to save multiple plans, and switch

    back and forth between them (sometimes i really need all the speed i can get, but i

    dont want to go without features the rest of the time, )

    9. Inbound/Outbound-File Zipping Im aware that some inbound files are 'gzip'ed which saves bandwith and increases transfer rate for webpages. It would be nice however if 'larger' (inbound AND outbound) were zipped, if google calculates it to save time (zip+upload is less time than just upload.) zipping files b4 sending to the user would require a google server to download the file, then zip it, and send it to the user, so in most cases (except with users with limited bandwith) this wouldnt be as effecient as outbound files)


    10. Extension ExistPicInTab When an image

    is 'opened in new tab' chrome should create a webpage, with your picture in the center.

    The webpage would have the following options: crop, resize, zoom level (as a sliding

    bar), Enhance Photo, Save photo, Share (google docs, photobucket, ect)

    11.Partially completed via extensions Run Java

    - Basically runs a selected script if specific conditions are met

    12. Doc Manipulation any .txt or .doc files should be editable in the

    browser when opened, it could also have some options (bold, italic, autolinking,

    colored text, ect, depending on what the file format allows)

    13. DefaultFileOpen If a local file is set as a bookmark, and clicked, it should

    open with its default program, unless its one of chromes filetypes. (rather than being

    downloaded again)

    14. Completed VIA extension Session

    Would save everything about a session including field data, your position

    on a movie, and all your tabs.

    15. Dictionary Search would search google for the selected, with the "Define:"

    prefix (under the right click options, IF a single word/phrase is selected.
    I made a bookmarklet for this, if anyone is interested:

    16. Extension created (by google) Similar

    Finds similar webpages.. (possibly by factoring in large fonted text, and

    uncommon/area specific words)

    17. better Documentation (add an about:help which would show a page with all of

    the available commands, and what they do.., along with links to other things (hot-keys,

    and customization)


    18. BookmarkTree Allows the user to give folders urls (so on ctrl+click, a specific action can be taken) a good use for this is say i have 20 links to webpages on the same website, i could now make the sites homepage the folders directory, saving me an extra click, and making things just a little more organized

    19. SameNameID When bookmarks have the same name (asuming the name wasnt given by the user), especially in the same folder, it can get confusing which is which (chrome could rename each oldname_#)

    20. Bookmark commandlines file extensions that can go on the end of bookmarks

    that can dictate how they are opened, heres a few:
    - NewWindow, - NewTab, - OpenWithprogram location), - Icognito, -no flash, -

    InBrowser(opens in a different webbrowser on your computer, since some sites still bug)

    21. Completed with extension, but should probably be integrated

    TabsPage would generate a list of all the open tabs in this

    window, with this list you can navigate through large amounts of tabs, and still see

    their information (name - url - TimeCreated?), it would add a scrollbar, if more tabs

    were open than could fit in the window. (would still be better built in, and likely

    take less memory)

    22. Folder Locks Sometimes I want to Open 4-5 links from the same folder, rather

    than the current method, (10 clicks if the folder is in your root, 15 if its in its own

    folder) It would be 1 click for every folder deep + 1 to unsecure the folder+ the 5

    clicks (saving about half the time, in 1 folder, and 2/3 the time if its in 2)

    23. FolderDrag you can already drag individual files/links, but shareing would be easier if you could drag folders aswell, or atleast an option to 'save bookmarks bar to desktop' which creates folder named bookmarksbar, and has all your directories

    24. Arrange By: lets you sort; bookmarks, history, and tabs. Automatically, by

    such things as: last used, first created, and times clicked.(non-dynamic, so it wont

    change on you randomly)

    25. Tabs/bookmarks Marking Instead of Pin Tabs, an option to Highlight tabs, in

    a specific, without locking them from movement/closing. Bookmarks would also have an

    option under edit to be highlight in a spefic color, when the bookmark is opened, this

    color would transfer to the corisponding tab.

    26. Downloads Like the downloads page, except as a folder(that CAN be locked

    open on your current tab, but doesnt automatically open when you are downloading),

    alowing removal of the download strip. (which I dislike), would make a nice extension,

    if disabling the download strip was an option, and locking an extension "open" was

    possible. (files could be drag and dropped from there just as easily)

    27. partially completed (they can be hid in a list arrow)

    Extensions In Folders
    The ability to store extensions in folder, and to "freeze"

    them, making them not take any resources untill needed. (a frozen extension would

    remain frozen, every time the browser is run, and would only run when its button was


    28. Another Bookmark Row One row may not be enough for everyone, I suggest that

    If the ammount of bookmark Space needed exceeds that of the current row (the >> thing

    has to apear), a dialog pops up asking the user if they would like to add another row

    to their bookmarks bar. This row would automatically dissapear if there are nolonger

    enough bookmarks to overflow onto it.

    29. Special History A history page, specifically for: downloads, bookmarks, and

    installed extensions, so you can easily find the links back to anything you download,

    or restore deleted bookmarks/extensions

    30. Tab Subscriptions user right clicks a tab, and clicks:

    SubscribeShort then google automatically refreshes that webpage, every minute or

    2, untill it notices a change, then that tab would flash, untill the user checks it..

    SubscribeLong which would do all of the above, except continue to check the tab

    even after it has been closed (maybe every 2 hours?), to check "SubscribeLong" tabs,

    you would have to check a "Subscribed Pages" folder, where it would show all of your

    subscribed pages (flashing if new content), with the ability to unsubscribe to them

    Unsubscribe which would remove any subscriptions you had on that particular page
    (Note: The browser would only check while its running, and would check on startup, if

    it has been 2 hours since it has last checked.

    31. Newtab History - If something is opened in a new tab, the parrent tabs history should be transfered over to it.


    32. Chrome Commands there aren't very commands out there right now, so heres a

    list of a few that could be added (maybe users can add their own?)
    such as:
    !SaveTo: (filepath would be put here, maybe it could prompt a "browse for file-path"

    this would change the save path of downloaded files, (until your session ends?)
    !Lockdown - would lock down all bandwith usage, pausing all downloads ect
    !Help would bring up help menue, with a list of cmds, and other help stuffs
    !Help: (topic) would give a further list of help on the specified topic
    !Unbrowse pauses session and prompts how far back you want to erase, then it erases all

    traces that were made up to that point (cookies, temp files, history, not downloads)
    !NTS: (message) Note To Self would write what followed the command, into a notepad,

    that you can view at a later time (theres already a notepad mod) It would include the

    date/time of the note
    !notes would display a list of all the notes you have written, along with the time they

    were written, and options to remove them
    !SetPlan: # would change your settings plan, changing all of your settings, to the

    plan# u specify (probably restarting browser)

    Duel Search This bookmark, except as a userscript that applies automatically to Igoogle:

    javascript:R1Gh7=location.href;L3f7= "http://www.google.com/url?sa=p&pref=ig&pval=1&q=/";if(R1Gh7&&L3f7){Fr4Q='<frameset cols="0%,100%">\n<frame src=\''+L3f7+'\'/>';Fr4Q+='<frame src=\''+R1Gh7+'\'/>\n';Fr4Q+='</frameset>';with(document){write(Fr4Q);void(close())}}else{void(null)}

    33. CompletedUn-mask URL's, shows the true

    url to a webpage, ontop the browser (as an option)

    34. Disable Smileys, would allow a user to convert common smileys, back into

    their respective text (I hate those little things), although this might be a little

    hard as the website converts the text into a link to a specific file, chrome could go 1

    of a few ways, one way: detect that its a smily (pixle size and location in large

    paragraphs prolly give it away, but you could also check the url of the img for

    specific cues)

    36. TimeWarp - mod would have the ability to increase/decrease speed of

    chrome (and every video/flash game within) (www.cheatengine.org) also maybe ability to save chromes exact state, for recovery (opening a flash video right back where you were when u closed

    button >.<, without a script atleast)

    37. Completed, with extensionsPage Rank - Alternate

    a rank system that is user based (every user can vote twards the rank of a page), the longer spent browsing the page the greater the users pool on the rank (upto 5x a user who spends under 10 seconds)

    38. Alter Webpage Partially Completed basically let you edit a webpage(possibly more advanced

    39. TreeBrowsing - Mod Creates a website tree, of all

    known pages and files, in a tree type layout, making even complicated websites more



    40. Bookmark Seperators that little tiny line before "Other Bookmarks",

    except placeable by the user. Once placed a user may drag them back and forth. This

    would allow the user to seperate the bookmarks bar however they wished (the bookmarks

    would stick in there section's

    41. "Other" bookmarks Although i see the benifits of having this standardized

    bookmark folder (for extensions to store data in), It should be renamed to "Other" to

    reduce the space taken by it, or give users the option to choose its name (make sure it still redirects all extensions and whatnot to the right folder)

    Non-Chrome - doesnt quite fit with chrome, but would be greatly help browsing


    42. Google Custom News a page that enables the user to get the latest news, on

    topics, s/he chooses
    *user driven system, where any user can either thumbs down, or thumbs up, the info,

    when the thumbs down ratio is 70% (min of 20 votes?) it would be removed from the news

    catagory. Other than that, news would be arranged chronologically

    43. Text detection would search images for text, and extract that text into a

    document, or add the text to the 'keywords' for that image. Ive seen similar stuff so i

    know the technology is out there.

    Un-Sortted (new Ideas)

    Find Operators - google search has some damn powerful operators (" ", -,OR,*,ect) why shouldnt chromes Find feature have at least some of these... i know in most cases its not needed... but on some webpages with mountains of text i could see this feature usefull....

    New Content Bookmarks - bookmarks to pages with new content could have some kind of notification for such, maybe an underline on the name/icon (nothing to flashy), and in special cases it could display a number on the icon (1-99) for the number of unread emails for example.

    44. Scrollbar InstaPan - when clicking somewhere on the scrollbar (the bar on the left

    that controls how far down/up a webpage you are. You should be able to double click a

    point to instantly pan there, rather than having to hold that location untill the page

    finally scrolls there, doublclicking the top/bottom arrows should automatically send

    you to the top of the page

    45. Extension Links every button on the extensions bar should have a url

    equvilent.. so someone could access the extension via scripts/bookmarks. (noting this

    would also enable the removal of the extensions icons, to further the "Foldered

    Extensions" concept, asuming bookmarks could be placed on the URL bar (i just realized

    how much extra space that really takes))

    46. Tabs Trashcan - Opera already has it. Basically its on the tabs bar, you

    click it, and it brings up a list of closed tabs, rather than just restore last tab, at

    the very least replace restore last tab, with a dropdown list of last 10-20 closed

    tabs. (note this list should also stay when you close/restart chrome)

    47. Auto-Tags - might be nice if when aplicable, the url where a resources is

    downloaded from, and possibly the search words used to find it, were imbeded into the

    file as tags. (you can add tags to pictures, in your librarys, so why cant crome be set

    to do it for you)

    48. ChangeLog - Under About google chrome, it would be nice if there was a

    change log, that listed any major changes, other than bug fixes. This would include new

    features. and POSSIBLY an ability to disable them.

    49. Close When done - A button on the downloads page, to automatically close the tab/window when downloads are completed. and possibly even shutdown computer. (i would suggest an extension for shutdown, but for security..) ofcourse while activated, it should make sure the computer is idle before shutting down, or closing a browser thats in use.(although it could still close downloads window)

    50. Download Focus - when you are downloading multiple files, the ones with the least remaining size should get bandwith priority, so in the event of a crash, you wont have as many files to re-download. although crash recovery is still recomended.., along with resuming downloads days later, from a new crome window.. IE closing chrome while downloads are paused.


    1. Auto-Fill should only show up, if the user types atleast 3

    characters, and the form data is atleast 7 characters long, that way its only in the

    way, when it actually has a good chance of saving time...

    2. When you right click, and choose open tab, there is about a full

    second delay before you can click the open tab button, this second gets anoying,

    because you click the open tab, and nothing happens, so you have to click it again.

    (Fixed down to about .1 seconds)

    3. All bandwith, and most of the cpu should be allocated specifically

    for the active tab, atleast as much as it needs. This includes pressing links on the

    active tab, they should get priority (aslong as their the on screen focus) (it seems

    alot better)

    4. Whats the point of "Reload this page", and the "Go To" arrow at the

    end of the adress bar (make it the refresh icon, unless there is an adress change, or

    the page is loading, in which case make it the stop for loading, and the arrow, for go

    to changed adress)

    5. tabs pull away to easy, especially with a Touch-pad. maybe have a

    key press to unlock/lock tabs, (or a right-click drag)

    6 Webpages slow drastically, when bandwith is being used on other

    pages. (open a website, then open 4 video dls)

    7. once a file is downloaded to 'temp' for use on the browser, the user

    shouldnt have to re-download the file, just to save it somewhere else (you right click,

    and save as, you shouldnt have to dl, if your already viewing it (fully))

    8. chrome's tool-tips should also display the hotkeys so users dont have to just guess EVEN on things like reload..

    9. Sound glitch with videos, makes the videos sound file play twice,

    once when the video starts, and once again about half way into the video... i can pause

    the video, and the second sound file will still play, this is jumbling up the sounds,

    as its playing simultaniously with the first audio.. EDIT: now for some reason this

    same glitch is happening in windows media player, so im not sure if its browser

    related, or just a bug im having

    10. java redirection? doesnt always work,

    (the next/previous buttons)

    11. scroll over data should be present with bookmarks inside folders, not just

    bookmarks in your strip.

    12. Memory Allocation, All extensions seem to take up atleast 4mb of

    memory, even when the .crx file is under 10kb, which means chrome is giving even basic

    extensions far more memory than they need.... It should automatically adjust to however

    much the extension needs, (within reason, maybe add a permissions tag for use of large

    amounts of memory (20MB+))
    There should also be another option on extensions, labeled 'Inactive' which would only

    run the extension, when its button is hovered over, or pressed, and continue to run

    until it is closed or another extension is opened

    13. Extension Icons Loose Order - i think its every time chrome

    updates, but its still anoying, i like to hide all but 3 of my 'active' extensions, as

    there the only ones i use often, so i might aswell have the room for my urls, however

    the arangement of these keeps resetting forcing me to move them back to the proper

    order, every so often

    14. VideoCrash - when browsing multiple tabs, and pausing a tab before it fully loads for youtube) then switching to other tabs and trying to play videos, often makes chrome unresponsive

    15. Limited Downloads - chrome used to limit concurent downloads to 6, and the download prompt wouldnt pop up again until one of the previous finished.

    My Info
    OS: Win7
    Processor: Duel Core @ 2.7Ghz
    Ram: 5.00 GB
    System type: 64-bit
    Updated as of Google Chrome: 19.0.1084.46

    I have updated this list(May 13th, 2012@dev build), adding a few suggestions and bugs. Removing Fully completed, or un-necessary
    If you see anything already implemented, please say so, and i will remove it
    Any other ideas and request, feel free to post here, explaining them, and why they

    would make chrome better, then ill add them to my list (along with a link to your post,

    that would get into more detail about the addon
    Last edited by Bloody_Turds; 05-13-2012 at 07:29 AM.

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    Moved to Chrome Talk.

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    http://www.google.com/support/chrome...suggestions.cs I think this is a better place to suggest these improvements, if you want to have them done

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    My feedback :=)

    1. website manager
    For sure, this is needed to compete with IE in larger companies.

    2. an option to show pages that cannot be displayed
    Say what, didn't understand that..?

    3. an option (setable per site?) to refresh pages automatically, after Undoing into them
    While I don't understand what you want again, it sound as something that should be handled with extensions instead.

    4. color deformation
    Weird, again I don't understand what you want but sound as an userscript ..

    5. Safty rating.
    This already exists with Google, this is not a browser job ?

    6. option for auto un-zipping files that are downloaded incompressed form
    Well people use different unzipping programs so that would be rather hard and something that don't seem natural to be shipped with a browser..

    7. option to auto-zip files beforesending them
    Sending them with what ? Again programs to compress are third party programs.

    8. larger zoom capabilitys
    Agree, looking FF over the shoulder is a very good start

    9. PDF, and Docx opening capabilitys
    What do what ? You can just, if you really trust all pdf and docx files (I wouldn't recommend that, sound as really bad security) then you can just auto open these filetypes, its already an option. What programs that is associated is handled by the OS.

    10. an open file option
    Well.. Who really uses this, isn't it easier to locate the file and drag&drop / execute with associated program.?

    11. ability to locally edit a webpage's coding
    This should be handles with extension instead.

    12. the ability to lock a favorites folder open
    How often would people ready do this, 'keep it simple' is what Chrome was build on, this sounds rather complicated and something that would not be used much ..

    13. Mousless browsing
    Use tab or voice navation.

    14. Undo/Redo Tree
    Don't understand what you want, but if you hold down the mouse on back/forward you get an extra menu that might be what you ask for ?

    15. ability to change some visual parts of the browser
    This is rather complicated to make and could quickly lead the browser into having to much 'noise' as FF. I'm not sure, but I think it uses settings in OS, so you can handle it this way if you really feel a need for this..

    16. hidden link browser
    Some of this is already implemented, rest should be handled by extensions.

    17. GoogleStats for every website
    Please no, not all users that need this, should be handled by extensions.

    18. Similar Pages
    Same as above

    19. Select and Search
    Should be handled with userscript / extension.

    21. abilty to directly save as a diferent supported file type
    Just use "" around the filename.. But it won't convert it for you, and should never be it's job.

    22. link to an open tech support channel
    This is already possible, just install an IRC client and join a channel (surely not a job for a browser).

    23. Bookmark history
    Can't see there's really a need for this, either you use your bookmarks or you don't .. why do you want stats for this.. ? Should be handled with extension if others really need this...

    24. mod section
    If you are talking about a theme page / mananger this is surely comming...

    25. under the hood
    Thought I did not understand all the things you talked about, preferences to enable and disable like saying extension is comming in chrome 5.x

    26. Freeze, slow, fastforward and rewind a webpage
    I'v never heard of any1 seeking this functionality and I surely can't see why you would want that. But gif animations can't be stopped rendering or slowed down, either you rend the gif or you don't.. Perhaps you can do something similar with userscript.. But sounds rather odd to me..

    27. Page Subscriptions
    Sound as something we today uses RSS feeds for, but otherwise should be solved with extensions.

    28. Custom Ads
    They seem to be working on a white/blacklist alredy, otherwise this should be solved with extensions.

    29. Right click, and ScanForCode
    ???????? Sound as a job for antivirus instead....

    30. auto-zip
    Same answer as when you posted the same suggestion in the start..

    31. un-hide links
    This is the webmaster chooice.

    32. ability to right click, and mark element as popup
    Adblock extension.

    33. option to disable smileys
    This is the individual webmasters chooice, could be handled with userscript but would surely give problems.

    34. option to add hot keys for links
    Must be handled by the OS or you will run into conflicts I guess.

    35. Google Topic Updates
    Most Google projects already have blogs or RSS feeds, you can add these to your Google IG page

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    2. you know how when you get an invalid link like in IE, a page shows up,
    that works, but when you hit the back button, to a link that previously existed, but nolonger does, it just skips that tier... and goes back 2 pages

    3. when you go to a webpage, and then go to another website, then use the 'back' button to go back, it loads the webpage you already downloaded, not a fresh copy. which means links visited, and new content arnt updated, without manually hitting the refresh button

    4. you know how links like in IE are darker after their visited..., bacisally an a:visited, but only for the last link clicked, and automatically (most sites dont have it set up that way)
    that way you know where you just came from

    5. i know this already exist, i found an addon Pagerank, although its in early stages, how is this not a job for a browser, thats the only real time you are going to new webpages, and need to know if there safe/recommended, although im fine with it being just a mod, it would probably be better if it were built in, and just had an option in underthehood

    6. and whats simpler than it doing it for you?, i definently believe the IU couldnt be improved much, and i dont want it to get to cluttered, but this option would just do it automatically, again stored under the hood

    7. same as above, but when you upload, they would just include a check box "autozip" in the dialog
    ziping would make transfer of files faster and easier..

    9. the browser could open them in a formatted but "quarentined" state, much like virus's are already put in once detected, and no the system cant open them?, either way it would be alot quicker than downloading, browsing, opening, deleeting (once done) to just have to download, the comp auto opens with an option to save

    10. well i do XD...

    11. i kinda agree with this, just putting it out there

    12. i would, sometimes i have to open 10-20 favorites at a time... again, another right click option wouldnt be to bad on the favorites folders..

    13. voice nav is anoying, tabs take to long, ctrl 8 would be equivilant to pressing tab 8 times..., wouldnt mess with the browsers simplicity at all, would just be noted, for more experienced users...

    14. that extra menue is LINEAR
    lets say i go to google, search for sandwich's, find a nice deli website...
    then i hit back, till im back at google, now i find a new deli website... now i want to go back to the origional website (which i cant do without manually recalling the path) although this path was simple
    once u hit the back button, the forward button would have a list of options, similar to the back, except they branch out like a tree....

    15. i was searchin yesterday, and i found theeme makers, which pretty much suits this request

    16. glad to hear that, although i havnt noticed it

    17. this ofc would be optional... and defaulted to off... i know alot of this stuff is possible to be handled by mods, but in my opinion the mods could be built in, and be part of the package, with a "lite" version available with few mods

    18. pretty much anyone who uses google, could use this, it would be more narrowing in your search results, so if you find a webpage that meets most of your chriteria, but doesnt meet some informational needs, your best shot at a similar website would be this..

    19. i think it would be a nice little feature to include, as it wouldnt be to hard to code... and they could default it off, and hide it under the hood...

    21. i know it wont convert it for me, but it should, if the format is already supported, its not to much extra code to convert it to another supported format...

    22. not a job for the browser itself, but a one click webpage that came with it wouldnt hurt anything, under other bookmarks, or maybe linked under help XD

    23. sometimes accidents happen, bookmarks get deleted.. sometimes you needed them...

    24. well more broad than just themes, it would be a section for all adons, with easy to install, which sofar it is (i had to dl googles developer edition)

    25. im saying most the features (including the ones i listed) should be disableable, and maybe even removvable, in this section (remove to save space, if space is an issue

    26. this is mostly for if you miss something, in like a flash movie or sumthin, and the movie doesnt have a rewind button, it would be an advanced feature hidden somewhere, probably in an advanced users section, or be an addon (which would probably be better)

    27. RSS feed doesnt work on all pages?, im saying peridically, it would automatically request date modified, of the file on the site... then if the dates dont match, it alerts you, possibly showing any differences highlighted or sumthin. it would also work in forums, if a 'new post' was added to something you listed

    28. users wouldnt go to far out of their way to customize their ads (unless it means removing them), but if they see it in the options section, they might just be tempted to try it out... which would help them, and buisness's. and websites.. more than they could guess.. (they find a cool new gadget

    29. it would be.. but it would also be nice to be incorperated in google..., cause its not likely everyone would have that scanner, or that it would be chrome compatable... this way its guaranteed...

    30. this would zip it when you download.... if there was any possiblity of danger from the program... giving users the ability to think before they open (otherwise it would execute on download, and be to late)

    31. yes it is, but still its always fun to find secret lil sections, even if there not ready for the public, this would definently be a mod, and not included in the program

    32. mhm, again, i hate having to go through a list of mods, choose which ones i want, and install them 1 by 1..

    33. it is a webmasters choice, but not everybody likes em , probably hidden in the UI section or sumthin

    34. not really, aslong as your mouse is in the window, and its not a hotkey for a previous OS cmd... users can use common sence... XD, or a popup could tell them thats not an acceptable key combo

    35. for google projects yes.. but im talking for everything.......

    oh and if any of my questions are a little off, it was because i didnt look back at my origional questions, when answering theese XD, but i did have most of em in memory

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    #30 this can webservers already do, and it's only possible this way.. how in earth would you make a client zip a hosts files.. that's not possible .oO

    #33 well if had to be able to customise all webpages because we think we know better than the webmaster, then it's going to be a gigant work ..

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    #30first it would download the file, then the browser would automatically freeze the file (so no harm can be done, which would give users options)
    (kinda like how vista freezes up for confermation, but only for the file)

    #33 i dont mean all ofc, but theres always some handy links that some creators forget.. or are user specific, to your style, kinda like changin the background of a myspace XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloody_Turds View Post
    kinda like how vista freezes up for confermation, but only for the file
    that would be just one more feature to disable, just like UAC and file download confirmations in IE.
    in case somebody have not noticed it, if you have UAC enabled and all the IE options on its defaults, you have to go through 4 (!!) stupid confirmations just to download and install a program.

    theme for /

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    it wouldnt do it on .exe's... cause everyone knows what they are......
    it would only do so on anything with hidden code (something thats not suposed to be a program)
    You can execute code through .gif's, atleast you used to be able to...
    i think .jpg is the only one you cant execute code through (other than imbeding the code, and a user re-naming the file extension)

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