Marissa Mayer (Google VP) has announced that Google Chrome would be coming out of beta in an interview with Michael Arrington at LeWeb 08. This would be good news for many developers and normal internet users who are eagerly awaiting the proper version of Chrome to be released.

Chrome’s official release comes out at a time when it is making efforts to redefine the browser around the open Web standards while adding rich media and secure code extensions at the same time. Google’s open source Native Client project might just be a possible future for the Chrome platform, where applications can run in the browser itself but with incorporation of native code modules.

In recent weeks, Google released a no. of enhancements via its Gmail Labs project such as GTalk video chat client and the Tasks tool that automatically add emails as items with a keyboard shortcut from within the email item. Other Labs tools include gadgets to view and create Google Calendar items and Google Documents from within the Gmail window. A Google gadget allows third party developers to add their own Labs code.

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Source: Telecrunch