Since the first day of 2014, Google Chrome evolved to become among the WORST
browser programs in the world.

Ever since that day, I was encountering major, annoying issues that really piss me off. Whenever I do a certain action, (Clicking on a link, uploading a
Youtube video, playing a Flash web game), waking up my computer, restoring my pages or even doing NOTHING, it has to crash, and when I reopen Chrome, it freezes and crashes again, and this goes on for 2 minutes. I have no extensions installed. I did a full scan on my computer, apparently, it did find malware but all of it was destroyed, restarted my computer, reinstalled Chrome, did everything, but the problem still persists.

When I pause a
Youtube video for about a minute, and unpause it, there is absolutely no sound at all, and I would have to refresh the page and try to find where I left off, and this is proved difficult on long +20 minute videos like tutorials and movies.

There was this one time where I did something weird on my computer, causing it to shut down unexpectedly. Upon restarting it, some of my cookies on Chrome were delete
d, and my preferences couldn't be saved, so I had to reinstall all of my plugins and extensions to get all the preferences back.

Now let us talk about Google+. Apparently, that ****eded up Youtube on many levels. Ever since that update, we are unable to reply to any messages before the update occured, which was around late 2013, and that also gave us the option to disable replies to our comments. This was useful in some ways, but now it's just really annoying when someone made some sort of offensive remark via comments, and disabled replies to avoid payback.

I tried reinstalling, disabling my extensions, scanned my computer, all that, but still did not work. I tried posting this problem to Google-- actually, wait a second. There IS no forum on Google whatsoever! Their customer support is a complete piece of crap and all their developers do is sit at home with their asses up their asses! Chrome is practically doing all of this on purpose.

So here's the moral of this story: Google Chrome is a piece of shit. Never recommend this to anyone! Don't even think about downloading it. Just uninstall it-- actually, put it all on your flash drive, and burn that flash drive to hell!

And guess what? It's not my computer. Don't even try saying that. I ran 7 hours worth of full scans on my computer only to find nothing's wrong with it! If you can't even help me with what's going on, then fuck Google. Fuck this!