Despite the occasional frustration with Chrome, in general I am an evangelist for the tool. I am currently using the PortableApp version of Chrome (which shows some pecularities not seen in the desktop, but does not show the major problem I have with the desktop version - subject for another thread at another time).There are, two features that I would love to see implemented to make my use of Chrome more enjoyable at times. I am hoping someone might be able to point me towards some extension, app, or setting that would make life a bit easier.Both of these are due, frankly, to interactions between my hardware (a Sony Vaio laptop running Vista Home Premium with the latest Service Packs) and Chrome (the very latest version available on - 15.0.874.0), and I've not found a way to deal with them via settings.The first feature would be a way to disable the Chrome zoom feature unless I use it from the menu. Right now, I find that Chrome's zoom functionality seems to be sensitive to some kind of interaction with the touchpad mouse on the Vaio, resulting in zooming when I have no interest in zoom. Of course I can struggle to get control-0 to return me to normal size. However, it does not consistently work for me, perhaps due to more interactions with my hardware or OS.The second feature desired is another limiter of functionality. This one is going to sound a bit peculiar. I would like to be able to "lock" the scrollable page into place, requiring either an unlocking in the tool menu or something else that is unlikely to occur in the natural world. The reason for this one is silly, I know. But I frequently play various web based games. It is quite frustrating to be playing along and have that darned touchpad and chrome conspire to scroll the game off the screen...Anyways, if anyone has any pointers to solutions to either of these desired features, I'd love to know about it. Thank you all for all the great work that is being done on Chrome.