Hey yalls.
First post here.Im gonna start off by saying im only 14 years old.And im starting to get into coding.And for a kid my age thats not to bad eh?lol

So on to buisness.
Im just gonna list of a few of my questions i have.
Is there a way to save changes done to the coding on google chromes inspect element?
What can you do in scripts?My friend has a program called scar hes downloaded to his computer,and im awestruck by all the information hes made himself.And more over when he acctually runs the script it logs him into his world of warcraft account.So i was wondering if i could use scripts to make my mouse move for me when i get on a site.It would be pretty cool if i could.(allso whats the link to the site to download scar.You cant just google scar.)
What html is google chrome.I thought it only used javascript.

I dont know if this post makes any sense to you guys.I hope it does.If it doesent remeber im only 14 and eager to get into the cool world of coding.