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This is a discussion on Some Suggestions within the Chrome Talk section, part of the Google Chrome category: Please notify me if this is in the wrong spot. I love chrome. It is much better than Firefox, IMO, ...

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    Default Some Suggestions

    Please notify me if this is in the wrong spot.

    I love chrome. It is much better than Firefox, IMO, but it is missing some features

    -Ability to delete single downloads and websites from your history

    -Right click an image to view it in the same tab.

    -Right click to view a background image

    -Improved address bar. It should be more like firefox's where as whenever you type something in, it searches your history and you can scroll through it.

    I may add some more if I can think of any.

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    Since we're not really the developers of Chrome itself (albeit I think there's at least one here who is), the best place to post suggestions for the browser would be here.
    However you are welcome to post things you want to suggest for extensions in the extensions forum. ^^
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    Here's my 2 cents.

    The omnibar is perfect as it is.

    It already searches your history. The website starting with 'c' that I visit the most is chromeplugins.org
    All I have to do is press C + ENTER, and I'm here. It's that simple. No need to scroll.

    G + ENTER ? GMail.

    But what If I want to go on google ?
    G + O + ENTER.

    It's really an elegant and highly efficient way to surf.

    If you *really* want to scroll, you can always type ' G + O ' and then press ' DOWN '.

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    I didn't like this omnibar thing at first sight.

    Now, I changed my mind.

    By reading some nice stuff in this forums, for example, I did set things here as this:

    When I type "lk" in the address bar, press space and then some keywords followed by Enter, it's going to use the feature "I'm feeling lucky" from Google, which means it's going to directly load the first most relevant site in the search.

    In Firefox I used to do it by just typing the keywords in the address bar, and then pressing enter. However in Chrome, I can leave the default search as Google when I type keywords there, and when I press "lk" I use that feature. All that without the need of a search bar occupying space.

    Also, as said by Kyrax, it searches in the history by default while u typing keywords there.

    So with just one bar, you can do multiple tasks.

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    Good, I am glad you have learned something with us..

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