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This is a discussion on Some suggestions for Chrome within the Chrome Talk section, part of the Google Chrome category: So I figure I can post some suggestions now and have a better chance of being heard. First, there is ...

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    Lightbulb Some suggestions for Chrome

    So I figure I can post some suggestions now and have a better chance of being heard.

    First, there is a major issue with the bookmarks. When I installed Chrome it copied all the bookmarks from IE, there were hundreds of useless pages that my family bookmarked. So now I try and edit those and I can only delete one at a time!?!?!? Thats not going to work for me, so for that reason alone I am removing Chrome. However, I would love to reinstall it once that gets fixed. But seriously what are you supposed to do when there are hundreds of unwanted bookmarks!?!?!? I'm not about to waste my time in screwing with that. All that would be necessary to fix this would be an "edit bookmarks" option where I can select, drag and drop, and delete bookmarks.

    The only other issue I have is that an ad-block plug-in is necessary. If you want to make Chrome an awesome browser then you should have a built-in flash block that can be enabled in an options folder. Just make it so that you can click on the flash object to allow it to play, otherwise it would be one annoying trip to Youtube.

    I hope those two things can be implemented in later versions so I can start using Chrome!

    Oh and I just thought of another suggestion, I just realized that there the spell check on Chrome isn't the same as Google's. That was an issue I had with Firefox, when I would have to search a word on Google to find out the correct spelling. I don't know how hard it would be to compile Google's spell check into Chrome but it would make chrome even more awesome.

    I don't know what the other users on here think but I would like to hear some feedback.

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    well the import bookmarks thing can be disabled in installation... just click on change options or something like that... and about the ads... i use a hosts file for that... read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_file ... there you can find links to premade anti-ads hosts file which you can download and use =D... and that blocks ads for every program

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    Default Ad Blocker for Chrome


    I totally agree about the need for a more fluid bookmark editor. One solution would be to prep your bookmarks in Firefox, then perform an import.

    As for Ad blocking, I have found privoxy (http://www.privoxy.org/) to be amazing. At first I was skeptical, because Adblocker for Firefox is so great, but Privoxy has made me a believer.

    I do use Chrome, simply for it's speed and reliability. Still, I can't wait for some decent plugins!

    Reverend Paul

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    HereĀ“s some more suggenstions:

    I've used the (not-so-known) Avant Browser for years, because of it has a very good AD-blocker, and some other very good functions. The one i use most is a function called "URL-Aliases". I actually read that Crome by default have one of theese: by just writing"g"+enter in the adress bar, you come to the google search page. This is exactly what URL-aliases does. I ad to a list of wanted "aliases". For example: i want to go to my bank's login-page, i have the swedish bank Nordea, so i choose "n" as the alias. i write "n", then i write or paste tha URL to nordeas login-page, and thats it. now i can press my browser-button on my keyboard, it opens Avant, i press F6 if the adress-bar isn't allready marked, and then i press n & enter (or n & shift+enter for new tab). This feature is very useful, i very seldom actually print adresses in my adress-bar any more. Please make a plug-in that does that! =)

    Also, shift+enter to open new tab is excellent, alt is too far away,m and requiers both hands on, wich annoys me. Perhaps a plugin that makes it possible to alter Crome's key-combos?

    I would also like to see a TOR-button for Chrome, like the one avaliable for Firefox. Chrome with it's good speed, would be a serious contributer to privoxy / TOR networks.

    And i can't wait for the Linux Chrome release... Open Source, the killer of shitty apps & OS'es

    Avant also has a account-feature, which saves all your browser-settings, bookmarks etc, on line, wich is great, i can log into my account from any (avant-)browser and feel just like home, that is awsome.

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