I dont know if it is a stupid idea, if it is more or less tecnically dificult or not, but for google chrome can exists state servers, that means a farm of servers that goes between the hosts and the servers of the requests that ask for a web the remote machine in a farm connects to the web, then offers to gchrome navigator the web page, through a web service with state for that site, the idea is that if i am in an html or asp or asp .net web page the remote machine takes care of the connection or seralizes it and save it in a database or whatsoever until i opened my session again, when i put down my session i lost my data , but when i reconect , i maintain my state, so thenavigator behaves like a session in a computer, suspending the connection and then retaking it or shuting down. it is more than having a page into favorites, it is to continue browsing wher i left it.