I like the new tab page but you should be able to customize it as well.

It would be nice if there was an option for 2 bookmarks bars. one for the new tab page and one for the top of the browser. you would be able to choose to move the main bookmarks bar to the bookmarks page as well and have more than one bar there. infact, you should be able to have as many bars as you want and just have the default bar be the one that shows on top of the browser.

You should be able to add searches to the custom searches on the new tab page without having to go to the site and use it to put it there. i may use that particular search box more if it was so easy to get to.

You should be able to customize where you want the page justified. I'd personally rather have everything on the left of the new tab page and not in the center. I wouldn't mind the centering if it could show more than three tiles per row. It should use up as much space as possible.

enough about the new tab page....

i heard someone mention they want a download bar. I love it when the download bar and the location bar are the same thing.

Can i please make Chrome a color that isn't blue?

Give us the option to integrate the browser with Googles services. Stuff like Google Bookmarks and Google Web History should be a no brainer. Maybe make it so you could sync your copy of chrome to you google account.

The favorites button is too big or should i say emphasized in chrome.

you should be able to switch your search engine from the location bar with the mouse as well as the tab button with some sort of drop down menu perhaps on the right of the location bar (but part of the bar).

If a search engine in the new tab page is missing an icon Google should make one appear. (I know you can do it GOOGLE!!!)

chrome is a different kind of browser and as such i need the ability to make it more secure from other people who might use my computer. I want my friends using chrome if they use my computer and if they do i still want them to have my bookmarks but not my history or passwords. there should be an option for a master password or maybe even a profile selector in chrome itself. this whole mess with installing the chrome in the users apps folder is pretty weird and i hate it. I don't want people installing apps on my computer unless I give them permission so why would you release an program that overrides this? I dont care how good the program is, there is good reasons why microsoft goes through the trouble of making multiuser functionality an option in windows. i deleted a user profile the other day that had its own version of chrome installed on it and it made all the links to chrome in my registry remain attached that deleted version of chrome. This made stuff like Gmail notifier unable to open chrome. It literally took me 2 hours to go through the registry and fix the keys.

The download bar should follow me from tab to tab and it kinda seems to run slowly when i first download something.

windows 7 has nice grouping featureson the new taskbar that makes it so tabs can also be individually selected from a group. Google needs to make note of Windows 7 features and take advantage of those features before Windows 7 comes out. The Beta is good oppurtunity to get it done.

Alright sorry about the rant but thats my two cents....

For the record. I Love this browser. My is it fast. I love how much less real estate is taken up by the browser itself. Allowing me to see more web pages and less useless buttons. I understand some people want more UI and some people want less UI but thats what customization is for.